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South America is a nation on the northeast coast of the South American continent formed during EMC's Decay Era.


South America was formed by rebels fleeing Brazil who felt unheard and betrayed by the Brazilian leadership.

Finding sanctuary in Port Hope, these same rebels On November 27th less than two weeks after leaving Brazil, the nation was born.

Joining Brazil

Port Hope was founded by johnnydeputy on Oct 23, 2020. The town joined Brazil and became a 'driving force' in the nation, contributing to:

  • The economy (donating countless supplies, mats, and more to Brazilian players every day).
  • The nation (funding two Brazilian towns, giving gold to Brazilian players for this).
  • The infrastructure (building the National Brazilian Iceway System still in use today).

However, after almost a month of working side-by-side with Brazil, the town left the nation, stated that it was in protest when a long-standing request to add a nation-members door to the /n spawn was unfulfilled for weeks on end.

Forced to Fight

Within minutes, members of Brazil messaged Port Hope members attempting to get them back into the nation. The Brazilian Prime Minister then seized the Port Hope embassy in Mehinaku and declared Port Hope a rebel town, even allegedly going to copy-paste the 'rebel town' message into global chat for all to see.

Port Hope was asked to join, and, in one message was told to 'join us or die'.

Under Siege

It is alleged that every so often members of South America are being messaged by Brazilians and allies, being told to "leave South America or face the consequences."

Example of a mass messaging campaign by Olivio90 (Nicknamed 'Brazil') and his puppets.

Politics and government

Within South America there is no official system of government. Citizens are able to do what they want. However, they have no ties to anarchism or other pro-anarchist groups. Instead, their creed is simple: "just play Minecraft how you want".

From johnnydeputy, founder of South America:

Join Brazil if you want. Leave the nation if you want. Make a living scamming people if you want. However you want to play EMC is up to you.

The said goal of the nation is to allow players to play the game without threat of violence if they choose to make their own nations, break the rules, or say what might be considered "questionable content" in chat. Along those lines, if mayors of South American towns would like to adopt their own systems of government or impose restrictions on their residents they are free to do so. There are no rules for mayors/members set by the johnnydeputy or by the nation as a whole.

This emphasis on freedom and self-autonomy is reflected in their set core values:

  • STRENGTH — We are tired of being pushed around by bigger nations. We exist now to push back.
  • TRUTH — We are tired of lies and propaganda. We exist now to bring transparency and honesty to the region.
  • FREEDOM — We are tired of being told how to play the game. We exist now to give everyone a safe place to play their way.
  • UNITY — We are tired of infighting, corruption, and petty politics. We exist now to dominate South America together, as a single unit.

These core values (STFU) are the closest thing that South America has to any official system of government.


South America has three towns:

  • Port Hope (Founded Oct 23, 2020)
  • Cheboygan (Founded Dec 1, 2020)
  • Brasilia (Founded Dec 21, 2020)