The South American Alliance is a military alliance formed between four South American countries, being Amapa, Brazil Kingdom, Imperial Brazil, Argentina.


  • Alliance members should help each other in wars as well as in trades if possible.
  • Members must attend meetings to enhance the alliance.
  • No nation within the alliance is superior to another.
  • Participating nations must not engage in wars among themselves.
  • Always advise the alliance before starting a war against another country and do not initiate unnecessary wars that could compromise the alliance.
  • Alliance members must consider it a priority among their allies.


After the Confederation of Ecuador was founded and allied with Imperial Brazil, both countries declared war on Brazil. Days later, the nation of Amapá was founded and allied to Brazil, declaring war to Imperial Brazil and the Confederation of Ecuador.

Knowing about the alliance between the two countries, the chancellor of Imperial Brazil, BlackQuartz, went to Amapa and talked its leader, tdfds. After the reason for the war was explained by BlackQuartz, tdfds decided to start an alliance with Imperial Brazil and the Confederation of Ecuador.

As the days passed, Imperial Brazil seeking support against Brazil, obtained the military support of Amapá. Shortly thereafter, BlackQuartz learned of the war between Argentina and La Plata (which was being supported by Brazil) and sought the Argentine leader to start an alliance, which accepted the proposal, also joining Amapá and the Confederation of Ecuador.

After that, the alliance between the four countries came to be called the South American Alliance. However, without needing the support of the alliance, Argentina was able, diplomatically, to start peace with La Plata. A few days later, Brazil ended up losing most of its equipment when it was stolen by residents with special permissions. Without equipment, the country will soon declare surrender.


Name Leader Chancellor Number of Cities Founded
Imperial Brazil BlackQuartz None 6 January 6th, 2019
Amapa tdfds _Mocc 4 January 19th, 2019
Brazil Kingdom TwisterSelvagem xenomorph7t 5 January 14th, 2019
Argentina ishallownyou SR_Palermo 3 January 23th, 2019
Chile Keizap78 Cristul12 3 January 28th, 2019
Columbia poopie_doopie None 2 January 29th, 2019


  • Before Argentina joined all other countries, the alliance was planned to be a Brazilian Alliance, since the three countries occupy spaces in Brazil in real life.
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