The South Pole is a nation located in Antarctica, designed for scientists to live and research in, known for is baron landscape and harsh environment.


The nation was founded on December 23rd, 2018. Around March 2019 qJunx had taken a less active roll in the server, allowing for southpole to become nothing more than a snow and gold mine. Eventually the original nation fell in June 2019.

For about a week there was a period of limbo for endton, but a few people took interest. Eventually 32Vache formed the new nation, and began to immediately renovate the area. New members were invited, new structures rose.


Endton was originally a research station, so many of the old building still exist, but as a whole the new structures no longer follow the research station motif. Such structures include;

Warding Radio Mast - built by JoshisWarding

Old HQ - built by qJunx

Sky Shop

Old South Pole

Not much is known about old south pole, other than the relics they left behind when it originally fell, and this wiki page.

Some notable old members were;

  • GravelTravel
  • qJunx
  • JoshIsWarding
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