xSpifflesx (also known as xCptSpiffyx, licklemypickle, Nicola_Sturgeon).

xSpifflesx joined the server in April 2018 and initially started in Africa. He founded the town of Swahili and joined the nation Uganda, as the leader was inactive Spiffles then left the nation and made his own. He partnered with the town of Addis_Ababa owned by EmperorSelassie, founding the Union of Eden.

The nation slowly expanded with it becoming the major African nation and managed to fend off European and other colonizers from making colonies and stealing resources from Africa. This was done through border agreements and in general the colonies falling due to failure and internal problems.

By the time EarthMC Terra Nova was released Spiffles and Wangolf managed to dominate the whole of Africa under the name of the African Confederacy with colonies in Siberia also known as Nigerian Siberia.

When Terra Nova was released Spiffles initially joined London then went up to the area where Edinburgh is and waited for Wangolf to get online to make the town. During this time Edinburgh was founded by AddoM19. Due to this Spiffles and Wangolf went to Africa and founded the town of Lagos. Lagos expanded but struggled to expand the nation as there was a lack of interest in making towns in Africa in general. However, the towns nearby that were made all made their own nations. This resulted in Spiffles going back to Scotland in January 2019 with a group of friends later forming the nation of Scotland which began the Scottish-British War that lasted until June. Spiffles led Scotland during its early stages until elections happened when amberhope took over. During this time Spiffles also oversaw the establishment of the Celtic Union with at it's peak including colonies of Quebec, Newfoundland, Avalon, Nova Scotia, Caledonia, Iceland, India and it's partner state of Ireland.

After the war Spiffles left and moved to Wyoming and created Redington. After being sick of how the server was being managed he quit the server for two months leaving mrmilkman66 in charge of Redington.

When Spiffles came back he stayed in America but founded a town called Deaborn, now called Flint and helped found Michigan with MrJimBobJr a friend he had been with since November 2018 in Lagos.

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