Sri Lanka

The nation of Sri Lanka is located on and around an island in southern Asia.


New King

A player known as Toopg took control over the nation and quickly grew by normally recruiting and having many of his friends from Germany and Rio Grande join his nation, he was also able to claim close to all of the island with help from many of his friends, a extremely quickly rising nation with formidable PvP power, nearby nations namely the British colony of India immediately tried to prevent them from expanding on mainland India, their efforts failed and the first towns other than the capital were made in southern India.

New Government

The new nation took almost nothing from the old nation and was completely changed into a nation fully controlled by Toopg and his appointed Chancellors, together they make decisions all about the nation.

Notable players

  • Toopg
  • Cubs_
  • UghBraces
  • Samisol
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