The State Of Vietnam is an independent nation in South-East. The nation declared It's Independence on February 21, 2020 After high tension in the region. It's territory comprises of present day region of "Khánh Hòa Province".


After the ban of the old leader of Vietnam (Doct_fr) The old Vietnam became an unstable nation, corruption was all time high when there was no law and order for the people. when the current leader of State Of Vietnam - angry0kid and his trustful friend, Thefrogcat, Decided to stop this mess and to create a new order for Vietnam and so on the February 8, 2020 angry0kid started to collect both gold and loyal friends and players so they could together form the new Vietnam. And on February 22, 2020 The State Of Vietnam Had enough funds to form a new nation ruled by angry0kid. shortly on February 23rd, 2020 Siam has allied the State Of Vietnam. On March 10, 2020 The San Marino Empire has allied the State Of Vietnam. On March 11th, 2020 Kingdom Of Alberta Has allied State Of Vietnam


State of Vietnam is an Authoritarian Nation that ruled by angry0kid, Their Economic System is Capitalism and the government is located at the town of Vinh Nguyen on the Nguyen Castle.


The Military of State Of Vietnam is consisted of God-Armour Infantry State Of Vietnam also have a Redstone Engineer (doctor bronze) that built and builds the necessary equipment and machines that could support us and defend us in battle.


The State Of Vietnam Has an Asian build style. The corrent project is building a Ship/Submarine

==Notable People==

Angry0kid is the Leader of the State of Vietnam He is also the guy who lead his men into declaring independence. Thefrogcat is the Current Chancellor of the State and he supported angry0kid Through the beginning.


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