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Stephenville is a town in the nation of Acadia. This town was founded on 11/27/2019 by NickPot36. Now revived by the town member metal_12344. The town claims the areas of Cape Saint George and Stephenville in real life.

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The Creation of a Town

Naming the Town

The town was made the same day NickPot36 started playing. All he was doing on 11/27/2019 was getting enough gold to start a town. Once he got the gold that was required he was looking where to settle in the Newfoundland area of Canada. He wanted to be near his friend, NotTheRealNogle of Saint Lawrence. After arriving in Avalon to explore the outside area, he was horrified by how much pathetically built abandoned structures there was in one area. He tried to find the most empty space in the area and he eventually did. He created the town in the Cape of Saint George and named his town Saint George. He didn't want the name because Saint George wasn't really much of a city in real life. So he looked for the nearest town/city near Cape Saint George and he found it, Stephenville. He did the command to change the name to Stephenville and everything was taken care of.

Building the Base

Stephenville's small peninsula

After getting more gold for more claims he needed to sort out where the plots were going to be. He cleared out the entire cape and flattened it out for building to be on. Over on the actual Stephenville area, he clears and flattens out half of a mountain to place 5 plots overlooking the cape. He thought this was an excellent place to put plots to make a beautiful coastal town.

Stephenville Dies


The day when Nickpot36 got banned was the day metal_12344, a very active town member, gave up playing EMC. The town later got kicked by Nova Scotia because the taxes were toggled. Stephenville is left nation less and inactive. Nothing will happen to it until 42 days goes up and all the claims disappear.

Statue of No_Jewtsu

The Revival

On March 27, 2021 he returned to EarthMC with a mission reborn Stephenville, so every day metal_12344 was collecting gold around the world.  On March 31, 2021, he got the 64 ingots needed to found Stephenville again.