Stocka was created by LegoDrage May 26th, on the ruins of the old Kalmar_Union town, Uppsala. Lego began to fix and renovate most of the buildings.


Kongens Teater (King's Theater)

In 2019 was the Drottningholm Theatern (Queen's Theater) the location for the Nobel Prize. After it got renovated, and putted in use of the German Government, was it renamed to Kongens Teater (King's Theater).

The Theater has 79 sitting places and 3 floors with standing places to the left. Permanent seats in the Theater can be bought for 1g. A list over the earlier seat-owners is written in a book that stands in the entrance to the theater. The theater is almost full automatic when it comes to light.

Stocka Slot (Stocka Castle)

Stocka Slot, earlier known as Uppsala Slott.

The big raid

At June the 2nd was a server glitch running around between towns, reseting the town perms without many mayors realizing. The mayor of Stocka realized it the day after, but at that moment was the town already raided.

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