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Stonism was first founded in the town of Akaroa on July 25, 2021. It was first practiced by HumorousMirror1 after going down into the mines and hearing whispers from the stone. Like any sane person, HumorousMirror1 listened to the stone speak. The stone told HumorousMirror1 tales as old as time and of the ancient god Stonius. The more HumorousMirror1 listened, the more secrets the rocks revealed. Soon, HumorousMirror1 knew the secrets of the Minecraft Universe, and of worlds beyond his own. To this day, you can still go down into the mines and hear the quiet whispers of the stone.

Gods and Practices


  • Stonius : Stonius is the father of all the stone gods. Stonius holds up the Earth as we pile upon him. Stonius watches as our civilizations flourish, and crumble. Stonius has been here since the beginning. He grants people companionship.
  • Dark Stonius: Dark Stonius lives beneath the bedrock layer of the world and lurks in the depths of the Nether. Dark Stonius greets the lost cities at the gateways of the Nether. He grants people safety.
  • Dioritus: Dioritus is the daughter of Stonius. She protects the towers that tower high into the sky, making sure they last as long as they can. She watches up at the sky as towering cities flourish and thrive around her. She blesses people with prosperity.
  • Granischus: Granischus protects those beneath. Those who decide to make their home in the depths of the Earth. He makes sure the walls stay sturdy and the ceilings stay high. He watches as elaborate tunnels and railways zoom past him in vast underground networks. He grants people with wealth.
  • Andesita: Andesita protects those out at sea. She protects those who venture out to sea and call it their home. She watches as the domes and waterways are mapped and planned around her. She sees the progress and admires it. She smiles upon the world. She grants freedom.


  • Festival of Stones: People gather in a line and walk through the trench of stones. Above them, their friends and allies throw a stone as a wish of luck:
Stone Code
Stone Wishes Strong Alliances and Great Friendships
Blackstone Wishes Safety and Comfort
Diorite Wishes Prosperity and Longevity
Granite Wishes Wealth and Hapiness
Andesite Wishes Freedom and a Bright Future