Sulake or Sulakeken as he is known has been on earthmc classic and on terra nova for a quite long time since he started out he has been all over the map and has done amazing architecture,events and many more things he also climbed mount everest during early access to flex on all those flat bois down under.

Before TerraNova

emc classic


on /Date/ Sulake created the town of Corsica just off the west coast of Italy.

Stewarts Island

in late december Sulake sponsored a classmate (maxbackpack) to create a new town off the south coast of New Zealand called Stewarts Island.



on /Date/ Sulake renamed the town of Corsica to better fit France, the nation he had just changed to. And so Corsica was renamed Ajaccio.

also this forum is quite weird fanfiction ew gay wtf (i just wanna have more people on emc classic cause terra nova sucks with it's queues and stupid weird discord chats that seems like garbage on fire)

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