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The Sval Reformist People's Party is a political party in Svalbard. It has been formed around April of 2020, but scince June 2020, has no leader, representatives, or anyone that embodies this party. Because of this, the party de jure exists, but has no power, and there is little to no chance of a revival, due to Communism having been an very controverisal ideology in Svalbard, especially scince Ciao000000, back in December 2019, tried to start a proto-fascist civil war on the island.



The Party has been created sometime in April, and it is technically illegal in Svalbard, but the King says it is allowed to exist without any governmental power.

Conflicts with the Monarchy

The Party often has an anti-monarchist agenda, and is opting to overthrow the monarchy, either with force or peaceful means,

it often cooperates with it, though.

Unofficial End

After Leafbox_ left Svalbard once for all, this party still exists, but has no supporters, no cabinet, and also no one that supports it, due to Svalbard being a dead nation.

The Party

The party only had 1 single official member, but about 15-20% of Svalbard's population supported the party at it's height.

The SRPP's enforced rules

SRPP's Coat of Arms

The SRPP's party flag