Kingdom of Svalbard
The Flag of Svalbard
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Svalbard
Note: Svalbard claims Jordetbyen, however it is independent
National Information
Full Name Kingdom of Svalbard
National Anthem
Boléro (from 8:39 on)
Name in Towny Svalbard
Motto "From the Ashes We Rise"
Population 67
Chunks 700~
/n list page 4
Capital City Longyearbyen
Largest City Longyearbyen (pop.)
Pyramiden (size)
Oldest City Bjørnøya
Established Nov 7, 2019
Disbanded N/A
Government Information
Leader King Bobberson_
Chancellors Leathermonster (Crown Prince)
Prime Minister Afaukiz
Political System Crown.pngElective Monarchy (September 20 - Present)
Crown.png Autocratic Semi-Constitutional Monarchy(March 1st, 2019 - May 2nd, 2020, June 18th, 2020 - September 15, 2020)

Crown.png Absolute Monarchy(November 7th, 2019 - March 1st, 2020)
Government republic.pngOligarchic Republic(May 2nd - June 18th, 2020)

Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalist
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Norvège drapeau.png Norwegian (minority)
Polish flag.png Polish (minority)
Official Religion Full freedom of religion. No official state-recognized religion.
Army Size Army - 14
Navy - 5
Dominions Franz Josef Land
Part of The Northern Confederation
Historical Information
Past Leaders ThundorLord
Past Capitals Nordaustlandet, via a mistake with a command by ThundorLord

Svalbard is an island nation in the Arctic Circle.



Prior to Formation 

Old Svalbard was a large kingdom that established authority over the central portions of the archipelago. It eventually collapsed, leaving many ruins and city-states behind.

Foundation of Svalbard 

The Royal Arms of Svalbard, which were used as an official flag until the adoption of the oligarchy


Thundorlord and other residents of Longyearbyen worked for just over half a month amassing the gold necessary to form the nation.


As of November 8, 2019, the nation had annexed neighboring Nordaustlandet, as the borders of Longyearbyen itself have grown.

Svalbard's territory in December of 2019

New Randers Rebellion


A player by the name of RG_Guy_05, with gnomedrick, decided that they wanted to rebel against their nation of Svalbard because they wanted their own nation. Therefore, New Randers was born. circa. December 2019.


The town at first joined Svalbard, trying to fool Thundorlord. But a few hours later left, and started the rebellion.

Due to their lack of gold, they couldn't reach nationhood. Eventually RG_guy_05 went inactive, leaving gnomedrick as the mayor. The town got a few people, but eventually went completely inactive. The town fell April 2, 2020.

Decline and the Provisional Government

After repeated town sales and a lack of central authority, Svalbard began an immense decline in spring of 2020. After ThundorLord left again around April, the mayors adopted a provisional oligarchic government to keep the nation intact.

Nordaustlandet's Secession

Due to Frustration with the Inactivity of Svalbard and the Vanishing of it's leader, TreePapi created the nation of Nordaustlandet in the northern town of Blomstringenbyen (now Jordetbyen), with Kantbyen and Barentsburg Joining soon after. The nation has since maintained a positive relationship with the remaining Citizens of Svalbard.

Domination of Nordaustlandet

On May 14, 2020, Pyramiden joined Nordaustlandet, marking the nation's first expansion into Spitsbergen. Shortly afterwards, the mayor of Pyramiden, Miztheirkizshen, founded a new city on the island of Nordaustlandet, named Lomfjorden. This was the first independent expansion of the new nation, and cemented the new nation's dominant role in the islands.

The Restoration Efforts

The nation had a sudden spike in activity, and with Bobberson07, who decided to come back, convinced many of the older players who used to be in Svalbard. The group has planned many towns for the nation with ThundorLord also becoming active once again on Discord. In addition, a Nomadic group of Norwegian players made the decision to settle in Nordaustlandet on June 10th, 2020. It is currently uncertain whether they will form their own state or join an existing nation in the archipelago.

Reign of King Bobberson

After Thundorlord went a bit more active on Discord, he told Bobberson to take over the rank as a King. On June 18th, 2020, Bobberson announced his kingship. His reign immediately began reforming the country into a system dominated by a chancellery of 6. This has lead to a minor political rift, in which some support the old constitution, while others support drastic changes. A week into Bobberson's reign, he came under fire from abroad after declaring Sweden an enemy due to being called a Nazi nation. Despite international criticism, the ruling saw strong support within Svalbard.

The Nordauslandet crisis

On July 13th, Bobberson made an offer to Treepapi to diplomatically unite Svalbard under 1 nation. This offer was refused, and people speculated about a potential threat of war. Later in the month, Bobberson unofficially plans to annex Nordauslandet once War plugin gets added. On August 19, War was declared by Svalbard. This lead to the Svalbard-Nordauslandet War.

The Time of Uncertanty

This era generally started at the start of September. During this time, Bobberson_, was thinking about quitting, leading to many people requesting to be the next king. Leathermonster, despite being the Crown Prince, was not liked much within Svalbard. Leathermonster and Bobberson weren't on good terms recently, due to Leather leaving the nation for a few hours and also because of their conflicting interests on Longyearbyen's infrastructure. After a while, Bobberson decided he will stay king, because he wasnt't able to find a proper succesor. After this, Notable member Leafbox_, asked about being Queen. Bobberson agreed, and used this to start a new system, Elective Monarchy. Then a Dual Monarchy started, with King Bobberson and Queen Leafbox. During this time a Royal House was founded, House of Fjorden.

Era of the Fjordens

After the house was founded, many Princes and one Princess were added, leading to 3 total generations existing. This system was heavily supported in the community and it is generally more stable then the previous Councillor System. During this time, Svalbard also passed the 60 Population mark, giving it the "Realm" status. This was considered a big step back to 100 citizens.

Collapse of Dual Monarchy

After Leafbox un democraticlly kicked Hammerfest, many people hated her. throughout the day Leafbox was very angry, and decided to quit. She left every Svalbard related discord and is un contactable. It could be either a total mental collapse, depression, or a mental breakdown from the anger she had. Her town is supposed to be isolated to he point of not being allowed to be showed on maps. The nation has returned to a single Monarch, and Nordaustlandet is set to unite soon.

Abdication of Bobberson_

Initial Consideration

On the 23rd of September 2020, Bobberson_ announced in the Svalbard discord that he was abdicating the throne of Svalbard. He said he had plans to move to Asgardia, as he had spent almost a year in Svalbard, and was tired of it and wanted to move on. In the discord, he made 2 announcements, with the first stating the following:

"I am leaving Svalbard, to go to Asgardia

I've been here for a year, and I've always loved the nation. But, i want a new adventure, I want to do what I originally joined the server for, a town in Norway

i learnt that, if you stay in one town ur not getting the full experience moving around is natural, and that if you have plans and dreams, always follow them

This was my best experience on any game/server, and I will miss everyone that is in this nation, I'll miss Longyearbyen, all the buildings and how ugly the shopping district was. I'll remember eveything, but I will be leaving Monday. Everything happens for the greater good

Long live Svalbard, we'll never fall!"

The second announcement was in regards to who would be in charge after he left, and it stated:

" I have decided who will be taking my spot, we will be having a group lead the nation Everyone titled "Prins (Esse)" will have the chancellor rank, but someone will have to take control of Longyearbyen. I have decided Prins Ballgud Fjorden (Afaukiz) will be handling Longyearbyen I will miss everyone and everything here I will be leaving monday'"

Change of Mind

After a few days, the King of Svalbard changed his mind, as Asgardia was refusing to sell, and said he'd remain the King of Svalbard for a bit longer.

Cities (Svalbard)



ThundorLord spent just under a week gathering the gold necessary to form the future capital, burying the gold to prevent it from being stolen. It was founded on the exact spot where Longyearbyen is in the real world.


Not long after it's founding, the town began to expand, as the town expanded slowly, a few players joined, (most of the now 'Lords'). These players would help fund the nation. During the save up for the nation, Longyearbyen put expansion on hold, as all funds, and all resident's gold would go towards Nationhood. After Nationhood was reached, Longyearbyen began expanding rapidly, in population, and territory size. The capital has reached a size of 169 chunks. The current population is 24. The town was handed to Bobberson07, after ThundorLords decision to quit EMC.

Other info

Longyearbyen is where the majority of the population of Svalbard lives, and where most national trade takes place as it is /n spawn. Longyearbyen used to be the world's northernmost Capital City.



The town was founded by Carrick100 on January 19, 2020. In between Snofortbyen and Longyearbyen.


The town has grown 20 chunks and has 1 person.

Other info

The town does not have much space to grow, cause of neighboring capital and other cities.



It is the oldest town in Svalbard, it was founded by Czomolungma long before Svalbard was formed and even before Longyearbyen was formed - October 4, 2019. The mayor was active till Svalbard's early days. He then went inactive for a while, but came back in the middle of January of 2020 and joined the Nation of Svalbard. On February 10, 2020, Nelejk became a new Mayor of Bjørnøya until she gave up this function back to Czomolungma.


The town is 34 chunks with 1 resident.



The town was founded in late Feb of 2020, by 2019s.


The town is 40 chunks with 9 people.

Other info

It is named BarentsBy because the island is named Barents island.

It is a nice little town with a light house and a seed vault.



The formation was in the south of svalbard, by Leafbox_, at about the IRL location of the Sodkap on the 12th of June, 2020. The Formation was due to the wanting of a fishing town and a town for new sval build styles

Currently, the Town has one functioning Shop, that sells standard items. It looks very modern from the outside and is made almost completely out of stone bricks and normal stone. It is the most important town in Jarlsberg, politically and economically speaking.

Naval Port

Sørkapbyen is the only city in Svalbard that has a Naval Base. It is extremely basic, but it's used for stocking Navy equipment.


Sorkapbyen, after leaving Svalbard, is not allowed to be labeled on maps, and any nation that has the area around it, has sorkapbyen as technical counterpart.

The town, therefore, is supposed to be "non-existant"



The town was founded just north of Longyearbyen by Weias. The mayor had around 2000 gold saved up, enough to make his town 4 chunks smaller than the capital, 91 chunks. The town was sold to TheLootcrate for an unknown price after Weias decided to quit. Then Thelootcrate sold it to ju2nananas for an unknown price. And then he himself decides to sell the town to someone else, the name is MizteirKizhin.


The town became very large in just two days, it has 6 residents. It's very mountainous. 196 chunks.

Previous name Kjernebyen.



The town was founded by Santacruiser in mid-January of 2020 over the ruins of Sos-Kablyat.


The town has 3 people and 45 chunks. Over the majority of its history, Kantbyen was a fairly poor city, until the discovery of ruins in Siberia rapidly increased its wealth to the highest of all Svalbardic cities for a while. But it later left to join the new nation of Nordaustlandet


The town was founded by felifen over the ruins of his previous town, NewGullmarsGason. It is 7 chunks, with 1 resident.

Jordetbyen (Claimed)


The town was founded by TreePapi on December 30, 2019. It was created north of Snofortbyen. It had another resident who was a builder, Bobberson07, who later left to create his own town in Svalbard. It had Six residents at a peak, however, these were all kicked for inactivity besides one, Dersper.


The town has grown 35 chunks, it has 3 residents. On May 7 of 2020, it seceded from Svalbard along with a few other towns.

Other Info

The town name means "Flowering town". It is home to the only full-sized (or at least decently-sized) y1 to y256 building on the server, as far as is known. (7x7 on the outside) It also has many holes, literally. It houses the only diplomatic embassy in Svalbard. The embassy belongs to the Greater Roman Empire and is maintained by alsjad. Despite a high amount of infrastructure being present, the town's population has remained low.


Founded by Afaukiz on June 10th, 2020, this town is 8 chunks. The town was amongst cotroversy due to its name. This town was claimed by Svalbard despite being a Nordaustlandet town. After, the town joined Svalbard after a request from the king. The town currently has the biggest pp on the server, bigger even than Dildo's Dildo.


Lofoten is a town founded by Reddsman, a former resident of Kantbyen. The town was founded on August 18th, 2020, and stands at 5 residents and 7 chunks. It is NOT located on any sval islands, but it is located on the island chain of Lofoten, in IRL Norway. It was founded there due to eneugh infrastructure (ice roads) already being present in Lofoten.


The town was founded by OneTrustHS, and originally joined Nordaustlandet. However, thinking that the nation is inactive, they left to join Norrland. When Svalbard united, Bobberson attempted to call them back, to no avail. However, in mid August, a diplomat of Svalbard, Leafbox, made a deal with Bjorkasen for them to join. The deal was as written: Bjorkasen will be paid 48g on the 20th of every month, and if not paid, the price will 3x the next month. The town stands at 3 residents, and nearly 40 chunks. OnetrustHS handed the town to his friend, poku2264, stating he is busy and will return soon


The town was founded by _iridxscxntkook_, after she disbanded forlandet. It is meant to be a "farmers market" between Longyearbyen and Pyramiden. Stands at 13 chunks and one resident.


This town was founded by NOmz_ after they joined Longyearbyen the same day. It was founded northeast of pyramiden, currently 1 chunk and 1 resident.

City Of Hammerfest

Welcome to Hammerfest! This town is located in mainland Scandinavia by the very north of Norway... It's a snowy island🏔. Founded and run by 1 mayor, Broundonbcraft. It has a population of 9. At HF, everyone is important🌷. If you want to join, message broundonb#2206 in discord . Broundonbcraft is also the Executive Chairman and owner of a popular company, Starcups☕️. HF was founded on 06/09/2020 when both mayors left Newark to form a super friendly place with incredible infrastructure🏡. So yeah, please visit HF and if you do come here, remember to have fun! Good luck 😄

Past Cities



The town was founded by TreePapi on December 30, 2019. It was created north of Snofortbyen. It had another resident who was a builder, Bobberson07, who later left to create his own town in Svalbard. It had Six residents at a peak, however, these were all kicked for inactivity besides one, Dersper.


The town has grown 35 chunks, it has 3 residents. On May 7 of 2020, it seceded from Svalbard along with a few other towns.

Other Info

The town name means "Flowering town". It is home to the only full-sized (or at least decently-sized) y1 to y256 building on the server, as far as is known. (7x7 on the outside) It also has many holes, literally. It houses the only diplomatic embassy in Svalbard. The embassy belongs to the Greater Roman Empire and is maintained by alsjad. The town has been in conflict with Svalbard for a while, due it denying any unification attempts.

Other info

Despite a high amount of infrastructure being present, the town's population has remained low.



The town was founded by Bobberson07 on January 30, 2020. On Ohyeayea island.


The town has 19 chunks and 6 people. The town is undergoing rebuilding and designing.

Other info

The town was founded over the ruins of an unknown previous town. The town was heavily griefed by mraaten around early April 2020. the town left to join Nordaustlandet. It later fell in early June.



The town was founded by Fritocrusader on March 12th 2020. It was created after a suggestion by Bobberson07, who stated Fritocrusader will do good as a mayor.


The town is currently 4 residents with 14 chunks

Other Info

The town has the name of a real life Svalbard town, but isn't located in the same location, its just west of Kantbyen


(Not to be confused with the nation of Nordaustlandet)


Not much is known about the formation of Nordaustlandet because of its isolation from the capital. But it was planned to join the nation for a few weeks before the founding took place.


Nordaustlandet remained a 1-man-town, with only enough claims to protect the mayor's house. Despite many prompts to expand, by the King. The small town remained this way. This small town had a size of 6 chunks. The town was deleted on Jan 26, 2020. After Maineri went inactive.

Other info

Nordaustlandet was the capital of Svalbard for 3 hours on the 11th of November 2019, because of a command mistake by the King. This makes Nordaustlandet a past capital of the nation, and the mayor, Maineri, a past ruler.



The town was founded by theopgamingpig in mid-December. It was made over the ruins of old Svalbard.


The mayor still had to invite the other two founding members, B123 and Dag0th_Ur. But the town sadly got disbanded in February of 2020.

Other info

It was planned to be founded in mid-December, the decision was made in November.



The town was founded by Afaukiz on December 30, 2019. It was close to Pyramiden. Afaukiz later sold it to Cool_Coo1, he said he will come back when there is a map reset.


It had 18 chunks of size and two people. The town was deleted on April 3, 2020

Nyttarbyen flag

Other Info

The name of this town means "New Year City"



The town was founded by Serfr0n on Feb 10, 2020.


The town was 15 chunks with one person. The town fell on April 16, 2020

Other info

Vestfonna is Norwegian for "west cliffs". But it was renamed to Wano.



The town was founded by Zgamer_ in late February of 2020.


The town was 10 chunks and had one person

Other info

The town was unable to grow much because of surrounding large towns.



The town was founded by Orhil1003 on March 9, 2020. He sold Olavia to create this town. It was situated under Nordaustlandet ruins. The town was set to delete after Orhil left the nation discord.


The town was 10 chunks and with one person.

Other Info

The town is built under the ruins of the oldest town in Svalbard (besides Longyearbyen).



Kaldbyen was founded by 32Java and Differ3nt on 14th December 2019 settled on mountains south of Svalbard Island. In the beginning it was a very small and poor settlement. JavaHawk has decided to put the town on sale for 128G. Reason unknown. Eventually, he managed to sell it for 100 gold to Milacekjsem, who is now Mayor of Kaldbyen.


The town under Milacekjsem is 73 chunks and has 2 residents, including him. That makes the town the average populated. The town semi-inactive.


In Kaldbyen there are ruins of Old Svalbard's fort. Construction date unknown.

Other info

Lopatomil is the biggest investor in Kaldbyen. He gave the best tools and gold for the town to make it grow up. Kaldbyen owes him such rapid development.



The town was founded on March 7, 2020. By Felifen. Current mayor Max1mu55


The town is currently 4 chunks with one person

Other info

The town is the only town in Svalbard that is located on the coast of Mainland Scandinavia.

Most expensive dirt house at 32 gold.



The town was founded in early December by Tarnfire, in western Svalbard. It had a decent size to it.


The town had grown 51 chunks. Had 1 resident.


In real life, Spitsbergen is the name of the island Longyearbyen is on.


The town was founded by Lopatomil after he sold his nation of Liberia. It is 11 chunks and has a population of 1. It was founded over the ruins of the previous town know as Storoya.\


The town was founded by orhil1003 when he decided to come back just like Lopatomil and Leafbox. It is 4 chunks and was founded over the ruins of Nyttarbyen



Svenskoya was founded by Matburnx, not long after Svalbard was founded. The soon-to-be-mayor of the island town told the King that it was to be founded soon, so the nation granted him the remaining gold necessary to found the town.


Since it's founding Svenskoya has one resident and claimed the whole island. Meaning it has 12 chunks in area. It previously had two people.

Other Info

The town, when it was created, had a Landing platform with a Nazi Swastika, creation date unknown. The platform was quickly destroyed.

Ny Ålesund

The town was founded by WARDY2506, an active resident of Longyearbyen. He founded the town on the ruins of former town Spitsbergen. It currently has 1 resident, with 1 chunk. The town was accidentally deleted by the mayor on August 30, 2020. Due to this every resident was kicked, and the town pop. fell to 1. Later, the mayor decided that being a mayor is boring, and he'll like to remain as a regular resident.



Snofortbyen was founded by Lopatomil several days after joining Svalbard. During that time he saved up almost 3 stacks of gold. Then he announced his plans about rebuilding ruins of the Old Republic to Thundorlord. He agreed and contributed with more gold. Orhil had renamed it to Olavia, then Tocantis renamed it Snowfortbyen.


As of today, Olavia consists of 1 residents and 43 chunks. That makes it the fifth largest city on Svalbard. Lopatomil sold the town to Orhil1003, so that he could go create Liberia in Western Africa. Orhil1003 later sold it so he could create his own town, to Tocantis, who himself renamed it to Snowfortbyen

Other info

The walls of the fort are the only part, of the Old republic ruins, that remains. Olavia is connected to almost every town on Svalbard by ice roads.


The town was founded by Bobberson07 over the ruins of Kaldbyen. It is 14 chunks and with a population of one. The town was founded after Bobberson07's decision to return to the nation. The town mayor is Tracreed after Bobberson07 became king of Svalbard.


The town was re-founded by _iridxscxntkook_, it was currently 21 chunks and one person.

Towns in order of size

Flag Town Mayor(s) Population Chunks
Pyramiden Leathermonster 7 196
Longyearbyen Bobberson_ 24 169
Snowfortbyen Tocantis 1 44
KantbyenFlag (1).png Kantbyen Santacruiser 1 45
Bjornoya.png Bjørnøya Czomolungma 1 34
BarentsBy 2019s 9 40
Fjorddekke _iridxscxntkook_ 1 13
Hullstad Carrick100 1 32
1200px-Coat of arms of NO 2100 Longyearbyen.png
Sorkapbyen (No longer part of the nation) Leafbox_ 3 11
SormlandGullmars felifen 1 7
H.png Pee_Pee_Byen Afaukiz 2 11
Lofoten Reddsman 5 11
Bjørkåsen poku2264 (temporarily) 3 38
Sjokart NOmz_ 1 1
Hammerfest Broundonbcraft 9 22
Jordetbyen (claimed) TreePapi 1 35

Total towns - 15
Total chunks - 700-
Total Population - 67


Elective Monarchy

After Leafbox_ became the Queen, the nation thought of creating a Royal Family that would lead the nation. The Royal Family started off with King Bobberson_, Queen Leafbox_ and Kronprins Leathermonster. Later, Princess Craig and Prins Carrick were adopted. These two had 2 kids, 2019s and Afaukiz. The Royal Family has a name, they are called The "House of Fjorden". It was later found out that, previous leader ThundorLord, is the dad of Bobberson_. If anyone wants to become a member, a vote has to pass through the Family, if this passes it has to pass through the public. Any new members are automatically adopted by the families current newest generation, which at the moment would mean either 2019s or Afaukiz adopt them.

Previous Governments

The Consulship

This government was installed on June 19th, 2020, by Bobberson07, when he was chosen new king of Svalbard. It is a government with 6 Councillors, with the King holding as much power as 3 members. This government was installed as an attempt to keep democracy and the Oligarchy. The Consulship will have an unlimited amount of candidates, of which 6 are elected by the citizens. This government would have remained in place until Svalbard hit a population of 35 once again, when it did, a national vote was held. The Consulship won out, and is the current system of Svalbard. On August 25th, the council voted to reduce its members to 4.


Svalbard is home to 3 political parties.

Sval Reformist People's Party(SRPP)

This party follows Socialist/Communist values, and is led by Leafbox. It has always supported the deposition of the King, but it usually cooperates with the monarchy to retain stability. It has 1 seat in the council.

Pissist Party of Svalbard(PPS)

Led by Shite Afaukiz of the Svalbardic Pissist church, it is a theocracy, however it gives freedom of religion. It opposes the monarchy and wants democracy. It has a few members, all of which are Pissist. The party supports democratic values, and pushes for Pissism to become Svalbard's state church. It has no strong opinion on the monarchy. It holds a plurality in the council, and is Svalbard's current leading party.

Holist Party(HLP)

This party is also a theocracy, consisting of two Holism followers. It also opposes a monarchy. Both of its members hold seats in the council.

Previous Governments

The Oligarchy (Now Abolished)

Svalbard's current government was installed on May 2, 2020. The government is intended to delegate an extreme amount of power to the nobles, primarily due to the King leaving on April 8 of that year. During this period, Svalbard's leaders assembled in a council popularly known as the oligarchy. Mayors were automatically allowed in the oligarchy once their activity was confirmed, and other citizens could be introduced with an 80% vote. The oligarchy was ruled by a head oligarch, who operated polling within the system. Polls were the primary means of communication, leading to attempted intervention in Russia and Groenland that went nowhere. The oligarchy existed only in name after May 11, 2020, and was later abolished on June 19th, 2020.

Council History
May 2, 2020 May 15, 2020 June 1, 2020
Total 10 5 3
Head Oligarch TreePapi Carrick100 Carrick100
Notable Council Members
  • TreePapi, one of the richest members of the oligarchy, served as its first leader. He resigned his position on May 7 to form the nation of Nordaustlandet.
  • TheLootCrate was extremely active in the government, despite not being active on the server. He was the de facto mayor of Longyearbyen until he left the system on May 23.
  • Afaukiz is considered the last Prime Minister of Svalbard, and was active in the oligarchy. He left along with most members after Nordaustlandet seceded.
  • Carrick100 inherited the oligarchy from TreePapi the day he left, and rapidly increased activity. Despite his efforts leading to Svalbard briefly being known on the world stage again, the secession of Nordaustlandet brought the oligarchy's authority to an end.
  • Bobberson07 was extremely active in the oligarchy, and was known for his strong opinions regarding the nation's direction.

Original Government

Svalbard was founded as an Absolute Monarchy, but it gradually moved into a more democratic system. Svalbard's constitution was completed on 02/14/2020. It was a Constitutional Monarchy that voted on a leader every month, starting March 1st of 2020. After Svalbard's period of growth ended, it entered a steep decline that prevented its government from functioning. Furthermore, a string of inactive leaders left the position of Prime Minister more comparable to that of a King.

The High Council
  • The King
  • The Princes (esses) (Never adopted)
  • Lords
Governmental positions
  • Prime minister
  • Chief Director Of Economics
  • Commanding Engineer
  • Supreme General
  • Arch-Judge
  • National Manager of Production
  • The National Treasurer
  • The Home Secretary
Government Position History
Prime Ministers
Number Name Start of Term End of Term Reasoning
1st Sefr0n 03/01/2020 3/9/2020 Impeached
2nd TheLootcrate 03/11/2020 3/21/2020 Resigned
3rd Afaukiz 5/08/2020 5/11/2020 Defected
Chief Directors of Economics
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Carrick100 03/01/2020 05/01/2020
Commanding Engineers
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Treepapi 03/01/2020 05/07/2020
Supreme Generals
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Bobberson07 03/01/2020 05/08/2020
2nd Afaukiz' dog 05/08/2020 05/09/2020
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Tarnfire 03/01/2020 05/01/2020
National Managers of Production
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Czomolungma 03/01/2020 05/15/2020
Longyearbyen Representative
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st TheLootcrate 03/01/2020 3/11/2020
2nd Fritocrusader 03/11/2020 3/12/2020
Kaldbyen Representative
Number Name Start of Term End of Term
1st Milacekjsem 03/01/2020 Mid April 2020

Impeachment History

Name Position Impeachment Date Reasoning Votes
Sefr0n 1st Prime Minister of Svalbard 03/09/2020 Sefr0n was impeached for being inactive on the server and in his position of Prime Minister. 6 - 0



The Hæren av gull og lys' Flag

Svalbard actively recruits Soldiers, and currently possesses 14. The Army itself is organized into a divisional structure, with a general leading each individual division. Generals manage the tactics of single divisions, while the Supreme General, a position appointed by the King(presently by election), handles large-scale strategy. The Army is called the "Hæren av gull og lys", or "The Army of Gold and Light"

The Navy Flag


Svalbard has a "navy", which is intended for defense on water. In practice, it is a largely ceremonial institution with five members, which largely manages ship construction.


Throughout the Island of Svalbard, multiple ruins of old cities exist. The ruins of Old Svalbard's capital remain largely intact.

-A residential area in Longyearbyen, Valley street, provides amazing views of the mountains, along with beautiful homes.

-Snowfortbyen is made from ruins, and looks like a castle, with a city in it

-Founders tower was built to comemorate the founding spot of Svalbard.


Valley street - Longyearbyen

Founders tower - Longyearbyen

ROS ruins - Snowfortbyen

Pyramiden Castle - Pyramiden (WIP)

Notable People


  • Screenshot (240).pngCzomolungma
  • Screenshot (241).pngAfaukiz
  • Screenshot (243).png2019s
  • Screenshot (244).pngReddsman
  • Screenshot (239).pngCarrick100
  • Screenshot (245).pngLeathermonster
  • Screenshot (246).pngSantacruiser


  • Thundorlord
  • Ju2nananas
  • TheLootcrate
  • TreePapi
  • Milacekjsem

National Subdivisions

There are 5 divisions, each with a regional Governer

  • Haakonland - Leathermonster
  • Edgeoya - Santacruiser
  • Jarlsberg - Leafbox
  • Nordaustlandet - Afaukiz
  • Hålogaland - Reddsman
  • Crown lands - Bobberson07


Map of the Ice Roads

-by 2019s


Kalmar Union became allies after signing a pact with Svalbard on Nov 20, 2019, however a diplomatic incident on June 25, 2020 permanently strained them.
It is part of an alliance called The Northern Confederation. There is also a treaty signed with Muscovy.


Svalbard has one enemy, Pakistan, however are also at war with Nordaustlandet, as can be seen on the Svalbard-Nordaustlandet Unification War page, after Leafbox officially declared war on them.

National Anthem

Svalbard's National anthem is Boléro by Maurice Ravel. The start of Svalbard's anthem is set to 8:39 of the video, because most of it is not interesting. for the link.


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