Svalbard was a nation located on the western portions of its namesake archipelago.


Svalbard was created early in the history of Terra Nova, being created around January of 2019, though the city of Old Antikkenbyen existed at least since December 10th of that year. The nation collapsed before April of 2019, leaving a variety of small independent towns dotting the countryside. Svalbard was left without a nation for months, until the foundation of New Svalbard 8 months later.


As evidenced by the existence of a throne room and other such buildings in Stram-Kurs, Svalbard was lead by a monarchy.

Known Towns

Stram-Kurs - Haakonland

Stram-Kurs was the largest town in Svalbard, and by far the most ornate. It consisted of a tight complex of large houses, with a royal palace located on a nearby hill.

Svalbard - Nordaustlandet

The actual name of Svalbard is unknown. The town was owned by SirFirelord, and was disbanded by June 11, 2019. The town was notable for its highly complex brewing system and library. SirFirelord created Icemoor again in Dec 2019, but was deleted soon thereafter.

Icemoor - Edgeoya

Icemoor was a fortress town located in modern Kantbyen and its predecessor Sos-Kablyat. The city was tiered and located underground, resulting in a low, tight-knit population. It was later used by Sos-Kablyat as a storage and industrial center.


Antikkenbyen Ruins

Ruins existing in modern Antikkenbyen are universally considered the ruins of the capital of Svalbard, due to their colossal scale.


Svalbard's ruins, in near-perfect condition

Global Seed Vault


The entrance to the Global Seed Vault.

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