The Republic of Svalbard was a small town located in central Svalbard. This small city-state attempted in vain to unite Svalbard once again under a single nation.


Early History

3 former residents of the Conch Republic (CommanderMillard, Sputhunter4, and Julian2795) relocated to Svalbard on May 18th of 2019. As of October, 2019, the town has been abandoned due to inactivity and subsequently raided.


The former Republic has been converted to Olavia(previously Snofortbyen), which has, under new administration, rebuilt the city and expanded it outwards.


The Republic of Svalbard was located at the summit of a Svalbardian mountain range, where its walls continue to stand. Trees were imported into the region.

Notable People





The Republic of Svalbard's west wall(taken months after being abandoned).



ROS in Svalbard

The ROS is most notable for its keep walls, which have stood largely intact even after the city's abandonment.

These walls were fixed after the creation of Olavia.

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