Svenskoya is the easternmost settlement in mainland Svalbard.



Svenskoya was founded by Matburnx as Svalbard's second colony. The soon-to-be-mayor of the island town, told the King that it was to be founded soon, so the nation granted him the remaining gold necessary to found the town.
Mingming II reaches Svenskoya

Mingming II reaches Svenskoya

Svenskoya related


Since it's founding Svenskoya has admitted one new resident and claimed the whole island, with a size of 12 chunks.

Svenskoya is on the right side of the island (outdated)

Other Info

The town, when it was created, had a Nazi landing platform, creation date unknown. The platform was quickly destroyed.


  • Whitelupi's Manor (just outside town limits)
  • Town Hall
  • Boaterway Terminal
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