Colony of Finnish Sweden
Coat of Arms
Finnish Sweden Map
National Information
Full Name Colony of Finnish Sweden (Finnish: Ruotsin protektoraatti)
National Anthem
Name in Towny Ruotsi
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Capital City Tukholma
Largest City Tukholma
Oldest City Tukholma
Established June 14th, 2019
Government Information
Leader F4 mr_emppu708
Chancellors Lukie623 Lukie623
Prime Minister
Political System Government military commissariat Finnish Military Commissariat
Economic System
Official Language FI Finnish

US English

Official Religion
Army Size
Dominions None
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders Finnish period:

Swedish period:

Past Capitals None

Ruotsi (English: Sweden) is a nation located in Scandinavia, Northern Europe. As of 14.6.2019, Sweden is no longer an independent nation, all leaders having been replaced with commissars and leaders from Finland.


The Swedish period

The Kingdom of Sweden (Swedish: Konungariket Sverige) was created by lucled and caarliitoo, who gave it to xWaazes. xWaazes made SweHarry king and SweHarry then made Wextra king. Wextra and SweHarry ruled the country together, however. Wextra also offered to give all of his gold to the duke of Gothenburg, due to Gothenburg's superiority. The strong and independent leader of Gothenburg though declined, due to his honor.

The Finnish revolution

In early May 2019 Wextra was permabanned from the server. Because of this Sweden was without leader. On June 14, 2019, the leader changed to be the newest member of Stockholm, him being MM1kael from Finland. MM1kael had joined Stockholm a week prior in order to take over in Sweden once Wextra is kicked out for inactivity. Shortly after the switch, all Swedish councillors were immediately kicked from the country, effectively turning it into a puppet state led entirely by Finland.


Chief of State-and-Government:


See Krigsmakten (old)


Statue of MM1kael

Statue of MM1kael in Tukholma

IKEA Tukholma

An IKEA in Tukholma (will be transformed into an Asko)

Residential Houses in Tukholma

Some residential houses in Tukholma

Notable People

  • lucled and caarliitoo were the founders of the Kingdom of Sweden.
  • MM1kael was the first Finnish leader of Sweden.

List of Towns

Town Founded Mayor Population Area (in chunks)
Tukholma October 31 2018 mr_emppu708 3 111
Valoranta July 27 2019 Markus1002 1 1
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