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Flag of Sweden.svg.png
Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name The Constitutional Monarchy of Sweden
National Anthem

"Du gamla, du fria"

Name in Towny Sweden
Motto "I Oden litar vi på."
Population 6
Chunks 200-300
/n list page 15~
Capital City Official: Stockholm | De Facto: Helsingborg
Largest City NyaAsgardBanner.png Nya Asgard
Oldest City Stockholm
Government Information
Leader King Gabeee
Prime Minister
Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language Drapeau suède.png Swedish

Englishflag.jpg English

FI.gif Finnish

Norvège drapeau.png Norwegian

Official Religion Atheism, Ásátru, Christianity
Army Size
Part of Unionatlantic.png Union of Atlantic States
Historical Information
Past Leaders NordicFenris.png NordicFenris

DonutFace.png LiterallyADonut

Past Capitals

The United Kingdom of Sweden (Kingdom of Sweden) is a nation that has a history stretching back to 2018. As Stockholm, it was previously known as Sweden (The First Kingdom of Sweden), Ruotsi (A Finnish Colony) and finally Stockholm, before being reverted back to Sweden, as the United Kingdom of Sweden, as it merged with the Old Kingdom of Sweden under ENLS.

The Old Kingdom of Sweden was a nation in mainland Scandinavia that was founded on July 12, 2019. It was previously known as Svealand, Sverige and the Kalmar Union. The nation's capital, from its very birth to its dissolution, was Nya Asgard, which stands close to the city of Linköping in-real-life Sweden. However, it was renamed to Sweden (The Old Kingdom of Sweden) to better reflect the nation's current territory, which became a symbol of its diminished influence over Northern Europe. It was dissolved on the 10th of July 2020 as it merged with Stockholm, under Linux.

As both Stockholm and the Old Kingdom of Sweden had originally held the title of the Kingdom of Sweden, the official title of each nation has been altered slightly to have a clearer distinction of both nation's unique history.

Title Under Stockholm,

The First Kingdom of Sweden

Title Under the Former Kalmar Union,

The Old Kingdom of Sweden

Title Under the Merger of Stockholm and Sweden,

The United Kingdom of Sweden


The United Kingdom of Sweden is an independent nation located in Northern Europe and in the region of Scandinavia. Most of the nation's territory is within the borders of geographical Sweden. The capital, Stockholm, is located in Söndermanland Province of Sweden and corresponds to its in-real-life location. It is by far the oldest city in the United Kingdom of Sweden.

The largest city of the kingdom, by size, is Nya Asgard, followed by Kongsvinger and Kalmar.

History of the Nation of Stockholm

Early History of Stockholm

The First Kingdom of Sweden, also known as Stockholm before the merger with Sweden, was originally founded by lucled and caarliitoo, who gave it to xWaazes at a later period. Afterwards, xWaazes made SweHarry the king of the First Kingdom of Sweden and SweHarry then made Wextra king. Wextra and SweHarry ruled the country together.

The Finnish Annexation

In early May 2019, Wextra was permanently banned from the server, leaving the First Kingdom of Sweden unseated and having no leader. As per towny mechanics, the newest member of Stockholm would be instead given the title of king when Wextra became inactive for 42 days. On June 14th, 2019, Wextra reached that limit, and the title of King was transferred over to MM1kael from Greater Finland. MM1kael had joined Stockholm a week prior in order to take over the First Kingdom of Sweden. Shortly after the switch, mr_emppu708 was named the new king of Sweden, who swiftly dismissed and exiled all Swedish councillors from the kingdom, effectively turning it into a puppet led entirely by Greater Finland, converting the kingdom to Ruotsi.

Video of the Swedish flag being burnt in Stockholm:

Ressurection of Ruotsi

After months of inactivity, Ruotsi was on the edge of falling due to Greater Finland and its members leaving EarthMC to create a Finnish version of EarthMC, known as PohjolaMC. During this time, Riftal had established the new nation of Finland that pledged to resurrect the old Finnish Empire. Finland offered to make Ruotsi a puppet state, as per the agreement previously with Greater Finland. Ruotsi accepted the terms given by Finland and became Finland's first puppet state.

Reclamation of Stockholm

Soon after Ruotsi fell under Finnish domination, Linux, an exiled player of the Kalmar Union realm and mayor of the nearby city of Enköping (Currently Kungsholmen) had returned from exile. Linux was left with no other choice but to leave the Kalmar Union to join Finland in order to fully take control of Ruotsi and free it from Finnish domination. Linux called upon the Warwick Dynasty to aid him in this endeavour, he and Graylynn joined Finland with their towns and soon after, had Linux's brother Archiekin take control of Nya Asgard which was becoming inactive as Utforskarmannen was unable to continue leading it. In this calculated stroke of luck and opportunity, Linux had effectively taken three Kalmarian cities and had presented it to Finland, giving him and his family a new home. Linux soon used his connections in Finland to contact Ruotsi's leader. mr_emppu708, forming a strategic friendship to intertwine the towns of Enköping, Nya Stockholm and Marskinlinna into one cohesive large city, changing each of the cities' names in the process to a corresponding city district in-real-life Stockholm.

Enköping (Kalmar Union) ⇝ Kungsholmen

Nya Stockholm (Kalmar Union) ⇝ Norrmalm

Marskinlinna (Ruotsi/Finland) ⇝ Gamlastan

A few weeks later, the rank of 'premium' was released giving nation leaders the ability to change their nation colour. Linux requested for mr_emppu708 to change it, however since mr_emppu708 did not have the premium rank, he passed the nation's leadership onto Linux, allowing Linux to seize total control over Ruotsi to execute the colouring. During this period of leadership under Linux, Linux made changes to Ruotsi, restoring its former ally statuses with other nations and altering the nation name from Ruotsi to Stockholm, a step forward in his goals to create a Unified Municipality that would act as one single capital.

The Kiruna Treaty

On the 30th of March, 2020, Finland and Sweden signed the Kiruna Treaty, which defined the new borders of the Old Kingdom of Sweden and Finland. Representing the Old Kingdom of Sweden at the conference, _CrA6914, ENLS and LiterallyADonut were present, while Riftal, Noveritsch and Linux were representing Finland. The Kiruna Treaty had originally aimed to dictate peace between a highly damaged and tense, though balanced, relation between Sweden and Finland, who had claims in each other's geographical territory. Additionally, the treaty was created with the effective eradication of all border conflict and trespassings by each side. When the topic of ownership over Stockholm was put out for discussion, both nations were put at tight spots and suggested different solutions regarding the question of Stockholm's ownership.

The Old Kingdom of Sweden had argued that Stockholm should become an independent entity, free from the influence of either side, with the goal of negating any remaining Finnish presence in geographical Sweden while Finland disagreed as they regarded Stockholm as a colony and that Stockholm's claims were not limited or restricted to that between Finland and the Old Kingdom of Sweden. Representatives of Sweden countered Finnish argument by classifying all cities affected by the treaty as colonial outposts, and that all cities in the discussion should all be treated the same, regardless of their size and national status. Representatives of Finland, feeling irked of an unrelenting Sweden in allowing Stockholm to remain under Finnish domination, requested for Stockholm to be temporarily excluded from the discussion. Eventually, both Finland and Sweden reached a satisfactory agreement and established The Kiruna Treaty.

During this period, Stockholm held a plebiscite without the prior notice of Finland and Sweden with the question of Stockholm Independence. Linux, mr_emppu708, Graylynn, Archiekin and OddbirdBlanc had all voted during the plebiscite, which finalised with a 4-1 majority voting in favour of Stockholm Independence. Seeing this event as non-aggressive in nature, or non-influenced, neither Finland nor Sweden stopped the plebiscite from occurring or Stockholm from being independent of both sides.

History of the Old Kingdom of Sweden

Much of the Old Kingdom of Sweden's history is shrouded in mystery due to poor documentation of dates of major events. However, the events themselves are still well-documented. The kingdom's entire history, from its founding to the merger, can mostly be categorised into seven periods. The Early Svealandic Age, The Late Svealandic Age, The Great Devastation, the Swedish Age, the Kalmarian age and the Second Swedish Age.

The Early Svealandic Age

The nation of Svealand was founded on May 27, 2019, by NordicFenris, with much help from his friends and allies. The days under Svealand was considered the "good ol' days" by many of the older members of the nation, who are currently as of writing, inactive. These were the times when the Old Kingdom of Sweden was still considered the power in the region, while NordicFenris and his closest friends viewed themselves as underdogs trying to fight for the great cause of toppling the First Kingdom of Sweden and replacing its government with theirs. These were the days when every founder of the Svealand was active, which included players such as Birbazoid, 28USMARINES, GODNAVY, Ghostboy9461, and randompops. The only trouble was the attempted succession from the kingdom by Ghostboy and GODNAVY, which was swiftly crushed.

The Late Svealandic Age

The defining feature of this period is its decline. It was around this time that some of the older players like Birbazoid, Ghostboy, and GODNAVY began to leave. There was also stagnation in building and overall progress. However, there was one noticeable accomplishment in the form of a shop being constructed by GoodGardener, which stands in Nya Asgard.

The Great Devastation

The Great Devastation was the single event that nearly killed Svealand and any chance of a reformed Sverige and a united Scandinavia. As the First Kingdom of Sweden collapsed, Finnish forces marched into Stockholm, which a powerless Svealand could only stand by and watch as they failed to prevent the sacking by Finnish forces in Stockholm. This, coupled with Finnish forces burning Swedish flag and harassing Svealandic citizens, would lead to extremely high anti-Finnish sentiments within the country. As a result of the decline in player activity in Svealand, the government started to accept immigrants into the country in a desperate bid to keep the country stable and to obtain new workers. Initially, the acceptance of immigrants seemed successful, but then disaster struck when NordicFenris woke to discover that Nya Asgard had been totally annihilated by _Neeven, one of the new immigrant. Even though the grief was rolled back, all livestock and items were lost, causing NordicFenris, Blackjeuses, and several other players to essentially quit Terra Nova.

The Swedish Age

Just when it seemed like Svealand was dead, NordicFenris returned after about two weeks. His friends wanted to play on a server, and on a whim, NordicFenris suggested that they get on EarthMC. And with that, NordicFenris and GoodGardener would return, along with their new teammates: Sander_Boys and Sand06. The two newest members would go on to build Thortown, to the west of Nya_Asgard, and NordicFenris and GoodGardener would begin the process of healing a broken nation. Soon after rejoining, there would be a flurry of new activity in the nation, such as the building of the Great Nordic Tower, NordicFenris would even begin allowing immigrants to move to Nya_Asgard again. Soon after this, NordicFenris would approach a small Finnish town by the name of Tesoma, run by Haikka11. NordicFenris would proceed to invite Tesoma to the nation and was met with acceptance. Soon after, Haikka11 would become one of the most influential players in the nation and would go on to prove that Finno-Swedish cooperation was possible. He would also go onto to create the Trans-Scandinavian railway, one of the most impressive builds in the nation, and probably the most practical. It was a day after meeting Haikka11 that Svealand would reform into Sverige. Sverige had finally achieved its goal of being recognized by most of the international community as the legitimate government of Sweden. The latest major event past this had so far been the integration of the town of Matrand into Sverige.

The Kalmarian Age

On July 17, 2019, only five days after the founding of Sverige, the country would reform again, this time into the Kalmar Union. The decision to do this was made after coming to an agreement with the player Nindu123. The deal stated that in return for the town of Hardanger joining the nation, Sverige would change its name to better represent all Nordic nationalities. This age would also see Nya Asgard's population begin to grow again.

The Second Golden Age

In early November, after Norway became basically inactive, the nation would start another golden age. They would gain ~3-5 towns a week. They shot up from /n list 3, to /n list 1 in less than a month.

On the 31st of December 2019, NordicFenris stepped down as reigning God Emperor of the Kalmar Union (Sweden) and named his successor JustADonutHere (LiterallyADonut), in an operation codenamed "Operation Ragnarök". The message below is NordicFenris's message of his abdication to the Kalmar Union (Sweden):

"People of the Kalmar Union (Sweden), it is time for Operation Ragnarӧk to commence. I am officially announcing that I am resigning from my position as King of the Kalmar Union (Sweden) and Emperor of the Greater Kalmar Union and I name JustADonutHere (LiterallyADonut) as my legal successor. I am not resigning as a result of any particular event on EarthMC or because of any pressure from anyone, but just because I have gotten a bit lazy with the role and I believe that it’s not beneficial to hold onto the role if it means that the nation is held back as a consequence. I am not someone who just holds titles for the status, I have never sought, nor desired any kind of notoriety or fame on this server because it is unproductive and also this is Minecraft and has no relevance to anyone outside of the server’s community. All I wanted was to create a nation and conquer and unite Scandinavia, and while I did not end up uniting the entire region, I got a whole lot closer than anyone else ever did and I believe that if the Kalmar Union is the only nation that ever will have come this close and that no other Scandinavian nation will ever be as great. If you need proof of this, just look at the collapse of Sweden, the slow decline of Greater Finland, and the total failure of “Norway” to conquer anything despite supposedly being the greatest PvP nation on the server. If the Kalmar Union has proved anything, it is that whenever a Scandinavian nation strikes out on its own, it ends in failure. Only through unity can Scandinavia succeed, and I hope that these newly forming nations haven’t been so blinded by their own greed to forget that. With all that being said, if there is still any hope for a united Scandinavia, it is vested in JustADonutHere (LiterallyADonut). In selecting my successor I looked for players who, instead of asking what their country could do for them, asked what they could do for their country, and JustADountHere (LiterallyADonut) fits the bill. This is exemplified in the contributions he and his town have made to our nation. He has contributed troops and supplies to our battles, increased our global economic influence, and has just made an excellent military base, all without being asked or asking for anything in return. I have high hopes that Donut (LiterallyADonut) will continue our proud nation’s legacy and maintain as high a degree of prosperity and order in Scandinavia as possible. Donut (LiterallyADonut) will be given the titles King of the Kalmar Union (Sweden) and Emperor of the Greater Kalmar Union along with the leadership of all of my EarthMC discord servers effective immediately. I expect all of our citizens to treat him as if he were me. I will maintain ownership of Nya Asgard and I will help contribute to funding the National Bank. I will be leaving all EarthMC related discords except for a special council discord maintained by Donut (LiterallyADonut). I’ve had a good seven month or so reign, but now it is time for a change. Let’s all hope for another prosperous year for the Kalmar Union and wish Donut (LiterallyADonut) luck as king. I Oden litar vi på (In Odin we trust). Hejdå (Goodbye) EarthMC."

However, after NordicFenris's abdication and JustADonutHere's (LiterallyADonut) ascension to the throne of the Kalmar Union (Sweden), it stirred up much-heated debate and doubts of JustADonutHere's (LiterallyADonut) ability to rule over the Kalmar Union (Sweden). Prominent members joined in the heated discussion including Riftal and TheBuderMaster64 on such an unexpected abdication. However, the discussion was put to a stop by Haikka11, a senior member of the Kalmar Union. In addition, Linus voiced out his discontentment of the previous and incumbent Prime Minister, Riftal and ENLS, for not being able to fulfil whatever they had intended to set out, and taking a 'backseat' in international affairs and concerns at home. However, Linus also added that not all fault should be pinned on Riftal and ENLS as the constitution had also limited the Prime Minister role while granting the Monarch unlimited power, which then caused the God-Emperor to be more involved in international affairs and affairs at home. Linus hoped that with the ascension of the new Monarch, there would be more involvement by the Prime Minister and the hope for the eventual setting up of a Parliament (Diet).

The Secession Era

This era was marked by the legal secession of three nations, namely Finland, KingdomofNorway and Finnmark from the Union. It is also marked by a period of a highly controversial (national) disagreements. This period also saw the Kalmar Union falling from /n list 1 to /n list 2 in the matter of a few days.

When the KingdomofNorway was created by Bene1479, the town mayor of Kristiania. Bene1479 aimed to create a homogenous Norwegian state on the server and did not intend to join the Northern Lights Alliance nor the Greater Kalmar Union. The creation of KingdomOfNorway marked the start of the Greater Kalmar Union and the formal Secession Era. Relations between KingdomOfNorway and the Kalmar Union was not formalised until February 9th, 2020 when Bene1479 sold his nation to MR_Pinguing. It was then announced that KingdomOfNorway would join the Greater Kalmar Union as a colony. On March 23rd, the king of KingdomOfNorway scammed Finland out of 500G on a deal where Finland would buy the nation. After this, MR_Pinguing banned almost everyone from the Northern Lights Alliance discord server and deleted all the channels. The discord server was fixed soon after, and MR_Pinguing was banned. The Greater Kalmar Union released KingdomOfNorway as a colony, and the nation was removed from both the UAS and the Northern Lights Alliance.

On December 31st 2019, an internal scandal began, with Noveritsch, one of the senior members of the Kalmar Union, declaring that with the birth of his new nation, he would not follow up whatever he had promised with NordicFenris as he said that his promise was now void due to NordicFenris's abdication. Accounts of those present during Noveritsch's declaration mentioned that Noveritsch went rogue and was a betrayer to the Kalmar Union. NordicFenris went online to the Kalmar Union's discord server and had stated that Noveritsch was power-hungry and was also an incompetent general with a history of much failures in operations planned by him. He proceeded to kick Noveritsch from the discord server of the Kalmar Union, confiscate his store in the Kalmar Union and kick NeoTropolis, the town ruled by Noveritsch, from the nation. Due to this unforeseen situation, Noveritsch quickly withdrew his 600G investment from the Global Gold Bank and donated it to Riftal, who created the nation of Finland on the same day. It is to be noted that bad-blood still runs between Noveritsch and some members of the Kalmar Union due to Noveritsch going rogue.

A day later, the nation of Finland was created and is prided as the first nation of the decade and year of 2020. Riftal, upon receiving Noveritsch's donation of 600G, created the nation of Finland, with the capital being Jyväskylä. NeoTropolis soon joined after the creation of the nation of Finland. However, up to the 13th of January 2020, relations were unable to progress due to Noveritsch's interference and disrespect to the Kalmar Union, who was still irritated at losing his arena in Nya Asgard and his shop (which had cut his earnings). Although the issues are mostly resolved, tensions between Noveritsch and some members of the Kalmar Union still arise but is mostly minor. Relations with Finland are mostly warm as of late. Due to the tensions in Finland's relations with the Kalmar Union, Finland was not been able to join the Northern Lights Alliance at first. However, after the tensions calmed and after Finland's third application attempt to join the alliance, they were finally accepted and officially joined the alliance.

The nation of Finnmark was founded on the 2nd of January 2020, located on the geographical North of Finland, Eastern of Norway, and Western of Russia was created by _firetruck_, the mayor of Inari. The creation of Finnmark marks the end of the first phase of the secession era. The nation is not a part of the Greater Kalmar Union, however, King _firetruck_ of Finnmark pushes for closer ties to the Kalmar Union and wishes for the admission of Finnmark to the Northern Lights Alliance. The foundations of relations between the nations of Finnmark and the Kalmar Union has been established, however, the extent is unknown.

The Second Swedish Age

After having lost countless residents over time the Kalmar Union parliament decided they had to make some drastic changes in order to keep the nation alive. A rename of the nation had been discussed but was voted out by the majority of the Kalmar Union citizens. On March 24th 2020, the one-town nation of Sweden fell, and it was quickly decided that the Kalmar Union citizens and leaders would participate in a new vote which ended in a 7-1 win in favour of the Kalmar Union changing its name into Sweden.

However, this period has also been marked with a period of uncertainty and inactiveness of Sweden. In the span of 2.5 months, Sweden had lost 6 towns to inactivity, of which includes Donutville and one of the biggest town of the nation, and more than 15 citizens, which constituted a relatively large percentage of citizens in Sweden. Although the Kiruna Treaty was signed between Finland and Sweden, the treaty has been voided unreasonably by Finland after an apparent National Vote, with the reason for nullifying the treaty being Swedish inactivity. This has seen Finland starting up a town in the remains of Donutville, while inactivity has led to Germany installing towns in Sweden in Sundsvall, known as Stocka and a small town just west of Stocka. There have been discussions to bring ENLS of Sweden to Kingship, taking over the inactive LiterallyADonut, with hopes to resurrect Sweden to its former glory.

On the 5th of June 2020, LiterallyADonut has abdicated as reigning God Emperor of Sweden and named his successor ENLS. The message below is an except of LiterallyADonut's abdication to the international community and Swedish Citizens:

" It has come to my attention that the state of EarthMC has become too much for Australian internet to handle.

The current lag and lack of things to do has (have) become too much for me, and so I will be handing the crown to ENLS because he is actually competent and is able to be amazing. Hopefully, there’ll be a reset and I’ll definitely be back but it’s difficult for me to even get on. The sheer toxicity of many members from other nations have put me off from playing on top of the shitty state of lag I will definitely be back should there be a reset.

Phase 1 of the new reign will be commencing: This phase is the physical transition of the crown and the discord hand over will be very soon, thank you for your patience. ENLS is a fantastic human being and is a true Viber, make sure to support him he is a chad.

My final message to the community if I don't come back. Is... fuck you person you are an asshole".

The Union of Stockholm and the Old Kingdom of Sweden

The Old Kingdom of Sweden had, since its conception, always wanted to have Stockholm as part of the kingdom, though circumstances like the Finnish Annexation had thwarted plans for Stockholm to be united with the Old Kingdom of Sweden. Many Swedish citizens had yearned for the return of Stockholm to Swedish hands, for it was the capital of real-life Sweden, hence attempts were made to re-establish a second Stockholm, such as Nya Stockholm, which is currently Norrmalm by the Old Kingdom of Sweden. However, it had always seemed Stockholm was out of reach for the Swedes as issues had befallen Nya Stockholm as it started to overshadow Marskinlinna.

However, as time passed and both nations' leadership was passed to more compromising leaders, ENLS and Linux, both nations finally, after a year of separation, had arranged and discussed for the possibility of a union between both independent entities. After much deliberation and compromise, the Stockholm arrangement was finally written up and passed by both nation's leader, leading to a period of transition of transfer of Swedish towns over to Stockholm. After a failed attempt of reunifying Sweden in the Swedish Empire, the long-anticipated merger of both nations had finally been passed. In the Stockholm Arrangement,

Article 1:

Swedish towns under the Old Kingdom of Sweden would be transferred over to Stockholm, over a period of approximately a month or until all Swedish towns had finally been incorporated into Stockholm.

Article 2:

The Old Kingdom of Sweden will be dissolved in favour of retaining Stockholm, however, a name-change would change Stockholm to the Unified Kingdom of Sweden, which seeks to represent both nation's distinct yet intertwined relationship throughout the course of the existence of the Old Kingdom of Sweden.


A few weeks after the reunion, the nation had a visible decrease in activity, as well as population. However during this time Nya Asgard had a population growth. Most of the northern swedish towns fell, and Nya Asgard also started to decrease in population. Finland during this time also decided to take advantage and planted a town over former Donutville. They stated that Sweden's inactivity gave them a reaso to void The Kiruna Treaty. This wasn't appreciated, and the two nations once again had a strain in relations. During this time Sverige (German Colony) was formed in the middle of Swedish territory. However it was later moved to Dania, but Dania kept its Swedish possessions. At this time Sweden had a population of 40. From here begins total inactivity.

Total Inactivity

At this point the population dropped further, and many towns fell. The most populated town had a mere 4 residents. Most towns had 42 day loggers, to keep the towns alive. The nation states to hope to come back by Christmas, however at the moment Sweden stands at 18 residents.

Selling Sweden and the "death" of Sweden

In the early hours of the 25th October 2020 (CEST) ENLS announced that he was going to sell Sweden! However, when asked around 15 minutes later how much he was going to sell it he answered: "Not sure". However he later sold it to Germany for 4000 gold, and it is now a German Kingdom led by SerGreek.

This was considered by many a disgrace to the unique history of the nation, and now the nation is under complete control of Germany meaning its discord and history have sadly been lost.

This is also considered as the death of Sweden by many old Swedes and other old players in Scandinavia. The last active members from Sweden either left their town or left the nation of Sweden because they didn't wanted to be a part of the German realm. Large towns in Sweden fell and those who stayed in the nation gave their town to a friendly 42 day logger. The capital was given to the former kaiser of Germany SerGreek who at the time already had announced his retirement on EMC. Large Nordic players as Tomm, 32Lego, ENLS, Maple_d and alek_b called this event the death of Sweden. "So much history gone in the hands of Germany" - ENLS October 2020. "Paying 4k for a glorious nation just to kill it, shouldn't had happened" - 32Lego November 2020. "All the amazing history they had, all given away" - Maple_d October 2020.

Under France

The nation, had 3 kings when under Germany. First, EchoOcelot, then SerGreek, then Toopg. These three kings kept the nation under Germany. However Toop sold it unknowingly to a French player, Gabeee, and after this, Sweden was taken over by the French.

Conflict with Denmark

The nation of Sweden, had recently been revived in activity. The nation planned to own all of Sweden, but due to Denmark owning most of it, they attempted a border agreement. After reaching none, they said they will plant towns in Danish Sweden, with Denmark saying they will plant more in Sweden. After this, Denmark planted 2 towns, with Sweden planting 1.

Treaty of Copenhagen

After said situation occured, the nations agreed to work on a treaty for the betterment of Scandinavia. Britain was also involved, due to holding territory in Scandinavia as well. In the end, Sweden got to keep its current territories, holding two exclaves in Danish territory, with Denmark holding two exclaves in Swedish Territory. All unclaimed land in Scandinavia went to Denmark, meaning this treaty was mostly a gain for Denmark in the end. Sweden left the French Empire right after this treaty was signed.

Joining under Britain

A while after the signing of this treaty, Sweden was accepted as a direct colony of Britain, acting as a sort of "range extender". Sweden was allowed to keep its own government while having participation in Britains as well.

Foreign Relations


Sweden considers France to be one of its closest allies. France used to be Sweden's number one trade partner by far. Sweden respects France so greatly that they have actually built a monument dedicated to their friendship in Nya Asgard.


Sweden suggested that California and Sweden create an anti-communist alliance in response to the spread of communism globally. The Anit-Communist Pact was signed on July 12, 2019, in the capital of California, just hours before the reformation of Sverige.

Greater Finland

The relationship between Sweden and Greater Finland is very complex. When Sverige initially formed, Greater Finland stated that it wasn't the legitimate Swedish state and that that title belonged to their colony of Ruotsi. However, Due to a statement made by a member off the Finnish government, it was believed that Greater Finland recognized Sverige and Ruotsi as somewhat legitimate states, however, this is still unclear, and Greater Finland has yet to officially comment. Greater Finland may have been influenced to recognize Sverige by the UN since it recognized Sverige as the legitimate Swedish state. As of now, the most contentious point of their relationship is Stockholm, which is still occupied by Finnish troops. Even after forming, the Kalmar Union had not withdrawn their claim on the area, but it is trying to normalize relations with Greater Finland.


As a result of a Swedish diplomatic mission, King NordicFenris and diplomat Blackjeuses managed to establish diplomatic ties with the Korean state. The two nations have friendly relations.

Terra Mariana

After suggesting that the two countries connect their rail systems, diplomatic relations were established between the two nations. They also share a history of being mercilessly attacked by Finnish players. The two countries hoped to create one of the largest railway systems on EarthMC, and have succeeded on that mission with CTM.

The German Empire

During a war with Niger and Deutschland, the German Empire reached out to Sweden (Kalmar Union) for help. Although the king of the Kalmar Union sympathized, he had to decline to join the war due to it being unpopular within the nation, however, the K.U. did send aid to them. The two countries consider each other geopolitical friends and Sweden has declared that the German Empire is the only legitimate German state.

The Godthab Republic

To expand the links between Nordic nations, Sweden forged an alliance with the Republic of Godthab. Although away from Scandinavia, a cultural exchange project is in place. To mark the entrance of Godthab into the alliance, the ice road system was placed under the management of the CTM with local RASPUTIN54.


Sweden signed a treaty with Svalbard in late November 2019, stating no discrimination of trade, fight wars together and supply help to each other. Following the construction of an ice line connecting Nya Asgard to Longyearbyen, the two nations formed a new alliance called the The Northern Lights Alliance. The nations remained on good terms until June 25th, 2020, when Svalbard was denounced for supposedly harboring Antisemitism by Sweden. Svalbard denied the allegations and denounced Sweden in turn, leading to a permanent strain in the nation's relationships.


Former Prime Minister Riftal had planned to make a nation as an autonomous state of the Greater Kalmar Union. The King under Odin LiterallyADonut and Riftal were friends, therefore the relations between the two nations were initially great. When the nation was made on January 1st, many Swedish (Kalmarian) citizens visited and congratulated the newly founded nation. However, following the continuous tensions and falling out of both nation’s leaders, tensions has been at an all-time high. Several measures were attempted to heal the wounds of both nations, such as the Jürgen Alliance and the Kiruna Treaty, however following Finnish unreasonable nullification of the Treaty, tensions has resumed with much spats being found in both nation’s discord. The two nations have very tense relations of late due to the Finnish installment of a town in Donutville and the bold claiming of Northern Sweden’s Baltic Coast, in violation of the Kiruna Treaty.


Connect TM headquarters in Kongsvinger

Before Connect TM (CTM)

Haikka, one of Sweden's first few citizens, constructed the Trans-Scandinavian ice road, connecting Tesoma, Nya Asgard and a few other towns, including Dread-Fort, Kongsvinger, and Hardanger. The simple ice road consisted of main roads and off-roads which branched off the main road into smaller Swedish towns. The line is currently defunct as of the separation of VY and CTM.

During Connect TM (CTM)

Sweden was served by a large selection of lines ran, constructed and maintained by CTM. In late July 2019, _CrA6914 contacted the mayor of Tallinn to see if they could connect Kongsvinger to Terra Mariana. Having received the news, the Minister of Infrastructure of Terra Mariana, nicosecci, helped construct and planned the former third line, with a tunnel going under the Baltic Sea connecting Sweden to the Baltic.

This resulted in an extensive, integrated network passing through Sweden and Terra Mariana, improving the accessibility of towns in each nation to the respective capitals. At the peak of CTM's domination over transport in Sweden, CTM ran 5 lines in the area, with another 3 lines being under construction (now waived), to further improve convenience and connectivity to remote towns, otherwise hard to get to in any other means of transport due to the undulating terrain of Sweden, far from any coast.

Rapid Transit

Currently, there are 2 towns in Sweden with a functional T-Bana system. These towns are: Greater Nya Asgard, and Kongsvinger. The third town to have a T-Bana in the nation was Visby. However, due to a population shortage, Visby was handed over to Terra Mariana. There were plans to construct a Rapid Transit system in Karlstad to connect their 2 stations, Karlstad Johan and Karlstad Haakon Seventh, but was eventually scrapped with the fall of Karlstad

Greater Nya Asgard Rapid Transit (GNART)

Kongsvinger Tunnel Bana (KTB)

Kalmar Ekspressbane (KEB)

Visby Transit

Memorable Events

The Norse Faith

Sverige is notable in that it is the only known country to actually have not only a temple but an actual community of followers of the Norse faith, the most notable follower being the king. There is a well in the temple where followers of the faith can make offerings to the gods.

The March on Stockholm

A few days after the sacking of Stockholm, NordicFenris led a group of his fellow countrymen into the city to demand its return to Swedish governance after being outraged by the multiple flag burnings. The Finnish resisted and threatened war. Within the hour, several Finns had joined the game and Sverige was forced to back down. This is considered the second greatest humiliation in Kalmarian history.

The Nobel Prize Disaster

On the 29th of December 2019, the highly anticipated Nobel Prize Ceremony, which was set to be hosted in Uppsala, was further delayed by internal complications of the Nobel Prize Committee. For about 30 minutes, guests of the Nobel Prize streamed into the Queen's Theatre, expecting the ceremony to begin soon. However, when Linus, the spokesperson for the Nobel Prize Committee, did not show despite the timing being set, many felt outraged and some even thought that the Nobel Prize Committee embezzled donations and funding from the public. Many took to the discord server of the Nobel Prize to voice out their unhappiness at the long and frustrating delay, with some spam-tagging Linus and other prominent Committee members. The reputation of the Nobel Prize Committee was once marred due to the case of the stolen prize (worth 604G), which many believed to be signs of embezzlement (However, further investigations by the Committee showed that the gold was stolen by Periano). Anger due to the long wait boiled over to insulting the Committee for being 'inept and incompetent', and 'being a big scam'. Approximately 35 minutes into the delay, Linus, the spokesperson of the Committee, came on to EarthMC to a frustrated crowd. Initially, Linus wanted to explain the situation to the public (which was that all the laureates were absent), but his efforts were in vain due to the public outcry of an 'inept and pathetic' version of the Nobel Prize. This failure of the public caused Linus to put the Nobel Prize Ceremony on indefinite hiatus, which caused many already at the ceremony to be irritated. While Linus was taking down the gold blocks (set for the laureates), a fault in the claims of Uppsala caused by a small unclaimed portion of the stage), was discovered. Tyce, seizing the opportunity (as Linus went into a mode of 'AFK'), set a few TNT on this unclaimed part of the stage, which killed Linus. Cubs_ and Tyce leapt onto the items in Linus's inventory, including the gold meant to be the prize for the laureates and stole them before leaving Uppsala. The estimated loss gives a number between 90G to 180G inclusive. This caused Linus to delete the Nobel Prize Server and servers related under the brand name "Warwick Equity" (Prominent ones include the SVT and the Nobel Prize Server). In addition, there was a hoax circulating that TNT was planted below every seat in the hall by Graylynn however, is proven to be false upon further inspection of the seats. Linus decided to quit the server afterwards citing toxicity of the people. Prominent people present at the ceremony includes but is not limited to Shia_chan, Cubs_ and _Alexander.

Notable Architecture

The Monument to Thor

This monument was made to represent power and resistance, but it also serves as a bit of an offering to Thor himself. The monument was built by King NordicFenris himself. The statue has become a popular national symbol and is very popular with tourists.

The Great Nordic Tower

The Great Nordic Tower was mainly built by King NordicFenris, with contributions from Blackjeuses and GoodGardener. It is the tallest building in the entire nation. It is a common misconception that the Nordic rune on the front of the tower symbolizes Nazism or some other kind of extreme-right ideology. It is in fact just a symbol that has been around for hundreds of years that represents the country's Swedish heritage and it is only used negatively by a small group of bigots. The tower its self is six stories tall, counting the roof.

Towns in Sweden

Town Name Mayor Area / Chunk Size Date Established
Linkoping Gabeee 400~ 15 May 2019
Halmstad ScareMangoo 49 15 April 2020
Kalmar PizaBoo February 5th, 2019
Malung Vagten
seuccatown Succakitten
Uppsala Yepitsace14
Stockholm lucled November 28, 2018
Vasteras TheBuderMaster64
Merihem psvcho
Umeå Ava1on
Åsele Reddsman
Narvik Favalli
Cor_Meum TimdanceAlien
Visby ChiefBlitzen

Former Towns

Town Name (Last) Mayor Coordinates Date Collapsed / Date Left Current Town / Name
Arlen Drewbuddy1752
Borrby Fennexin Kronoberg
Bunker707 CRAZYmath22
Christianssund KBCO Kristiansund
Dalarna Powermineer
Donutville AnAverageSam Varberg
Gavle JustLucaN Stocka
Hardangervidda maraias
Kiruna RailRoad33
Kristiania Bene1479 Asgardia
Lake_Ladoga Artemka2911 Ladoga
Militia Hiskins Militia
Neotropolis Noveritsch
Nowy_Krakow InzynierBudowy Åsgård
Oslo Blackjeusus Oslo
Ozhattan Riftal Jyväskylä
Potato_Republic _firetruck_ Inari
Purmo Bule
Ragnar PestPoom
Storlandet_Isl. 1ts_a_nAme Ahvaland
Storuman mtbcam
Sundsvall OLLE_SWE Stocka
Taufr Aorus
Tesoma Haikka11
Thortown Sander_boys Nordfold
Trotzky_Island MehlimPo
Trump_City NordicFenris
Turku 0sku Ahvaland
Viking_Town SAND06
Visby ENLS New Lechia
Watchpoint Haikka11
Stockholm Snusby
Vattern applegate48
Dread-Fort randompops
Scania Shiva1234
Vasteras TheBuderMaster64
Shaerial City Shaerial
Norrmalm Archiekin
Karlstad OGSterling
Kungsholmen Oddbirdblanc
Kalmar Dalalius
Nordfold Odditylol
Sjstrom Timeparadex Mid Nov 2020
Underberg a_big_rat Mid Nov 2020
Dalarna Powermineer
Oskarshamn carlius
Aesir M1llion
Kongsvinger Alkalinea
Donutville OddityLol

Notable Structures in Sweden

Nya Asgard

  • Ormgrop Stadium
  • Parliament
  • Thor's Hammer
  • Sweden and TM friendship statue
  • National Museum



  • Borgholm Slot
  • Katedralen Av Kalmar (The Kalmar Cathedral)
  • Lagringssted
  • The Swedish Cultural Centre


  • Karlskrona Havn


  • Vimmerby Garden
  • Vimmerby Central Station


  • Kongsvinger Stadshus (Civic Centre)
  • Kongsvinger Central Station
  • CTM Tower


  • Karlstad Stadshus
  • Karlstad Haakon Seventh Station
  • National Gallery