Switerland is a nation located in the center of europe, it borders France, Italy and Greater Roman Empire. It was founded in November 27th of 2018 by Nigth_Dragon. Switzerland is a dominion of Brazil. The capital is Bern and Zurich are the main cities. In total, Switzerland has 2 cities.


Switzerland is a absolute monarchy, the leader of Switzerland is a prince (In the moment a temporary authority that had its power). The prince or temporary ruler shares his powers with a parliament made by bureocrats. The bureocrats are appointed by the Prince or temporary ruler to do specific tasks. At the moment there is no bureocrat appointed.


Both Bern  are on the edge of swiss alps. Alll Switzerland cities are localizated in plains with dense forest around the towns. There are some natural patches of snow generated on swiss alps, the geography is planned to be completely changed/urbanized into an ecumenopolis-like city


Kingdom of Nigth_Dragon (27th nov 2018 - 23th apr 2019)

In November 27th, Switzerland was founded By Nigth_Dragon, Together with two other players (Oldking and JCop) in an independence declaration towards France (that was in a weak moment), in that time, Switzerland had problems with Geneva (that was bought with 1000g, then lost again after some time) and Locarno (that the mayor suddenly started to hate the country and asked for 500g to give the city (that wasnt given)), in that time the parliament started to be built, this era ended in 23th of April 2019, after a treaty with Brazil that would give them power to rule Switzerland and develop it whenever the prince Nigth_Dragon was inactive, and also to "vassalize" Switzerland itself, annexing it to Brazil.

Principality of PrestusHood (23th apr 2019 - currently)

PrestusHood was given temporary authority to develop Switzerland from Nigth_Dragon in a vassalization/protectorate with Brazil. PrestusHood left Cafezinhu as an interin authority to inherit Columbia in April 24th and will came back to Switzerland in April 29th. Nigth_Dragon right now is inactive, and as long as he doesn't play/doesn't work in Switzerland as whole it rightfully belongs to PrestusHood and whatever authority he names to substitute him while he can't work on swiss lands as a whole. In May 1st, Switzerland founded House of Habsburg alongside France. In may 2nd, Switzerland declared war on Estonia. Principality of K_arl PrestusHood sold Switzerland to K_arl-

Foreign Relations

Switzerland is a member of House of Habsburg and Union of Nations (UoN)

Friendly Relations:

Hostile Relations:



Switzerland currently have 2 cities, with these being:

Name Mayor Residents Claims Founded
Bern Star K_arl 18 64 2018 11/02 
Milita FunkyChicken0 11 39 2019 13/4

Notable People

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