Polish town in northwest Poland which is a symbol of betrayal. It was founded by random Polish guy called Panciast.

Mayors and government

Mayors of Szczecin: Panciast -> Zuki19 -> Ravi8888 -> Panciast -> Zuki19 -> Panciast -> Zuki19 -> Panciast -> HaCek_ -> Snowyy_b -> fall

The main leaders before Polish revolution (when Panciast gave mayor to HaCek_) were: Panciast, Zuki19 and kacp222, but kacp222 was never a mayor.

Informations about town

Some of the old buildings are still in town, but some are destroyed by HaCek_ after building revolution.

Now (22.10.2019) from the old leaders, only Panciast is living in Szczecin. Kacp222 is in the town called Lipsk, Zuki19 is in the free Szczecin and Panciast is in occupied Szczecin


I dont have enough time to write all of Szczecin history, but most of Szczecin claims was claimed by Zuki gold (3200-5000g), another players who gave much gold for Szczecin are Panciast, kacp222, POGKPP and Snowyy after last expansion of Szczecin to east (April 2019)

Szczecin's important buildings

- PvP Arena

- Shopping Center

- Music Stage

- Old Harbor

- Museum of Szczecin (In building) (Probably won't be completed)

- Exp Farm

- Huge Square of Parades

- Bank

- Monuments

- Beach with pier

- Headquarters of the Szczecin's Army

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