Polish province of Denmark - province-country located in Central Europe, next to: Polish Kingdom, Kaiserreich and Prussia. Poland was sold in end of March by Snowyy_b for 1000 gold to Denmark, but all of previous Polish cities joined Polish Kingdom.


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History of Polish Republic

Feudal Fragmentation

Before Civil War, three countries were created in Polish lands. Krakow ruled by Loverboy_25, Pomerania ruled by MlecznySernik and Polish_State (After Polish Kingdom has been deleted, Polish State changed it name to Poland) ruled by Majoor_. Kraków was subject to Poland and was a kind of a Polish vassal. Kraków supported Modern Poland in every conflict, but Pomerania was enemy of Poland. This led to many minor conflicts.

Great Polish Purge

Poland and Polish army was have a lot of Danish spys. The jews had infiltraded even the military and were sentenced to death. To fix it the Polish government decided to carry out the purge. Through the purge 20 people left the world forever, lot of these people were real jews, and Pomerania became a faggot for Denmark which ended a very long civil war.

Sale of Poland

In end of March Snowyy4K sold Poland in pretext that Poland was ruin because a lot of cities were leaving this country. In result, Snowyy4K sold Poland for Danish people for 850 gold. dorien_b became a King and Denmark gained some cities of Poland, but lot of old Polish cities joined Pomerania. Pomerania is not a Denmark's puppet right now.

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