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Tagula island 23-01-2021.png
Town Information
Full Name Tagula Island
National Anthem
Name in Towny
Motto 'Mlecz is the real polish king'
Established September 1, 2021
Disbanded June 24, 2021
Nation Louisiades
Population 28 (#71)
Chunks 100
Coordinates 28176, 1968
Continent Oceania
Government Information
Mayor Mlecz
Councillors batmanololo
Political System Utopia
Economic System
Official Language Tagulan, Polish, English
Official Religion Dandelionism
Historical Information
Past Nations Solomom_Empire
Past Mayors _x_DragonFly_x_
Past Councillors Klus3k, _x_DragonFly_x_, zombiakZEN

Tagula is a town located on Tagula Island in Oceania. It was the first capital of Louisiades. Created by Mlecz on 1st September, 2020.

On 25.03.2021 Mlecz gave power in town to the DragonFly and Tagula was no longer the capital of Louisiades.

Tagula fell into ruin on June 24, 2021

Notable people

Mlecz - founder of Tagula

Batmanololo - councillor of Tagula

BluePanther26 - 'Queen of Tagula'