Taiwan, officially the Republic of Taiwan is a state in East Asia.

The towns in Taiwan are


Early History

The town of Tainan was established by FunnyJohn in the western coast of Taiwan.  This town is considered to be the first town on the island of Taiwan. The second town established was the town of Taipei by Bee69 in the northern coast of Taiwan. Immediately the two towns came into contact with hopes of creating a independent republic and made a offical border claim. Soon, the town of Su-an was made by Sooshi_Burrito with others and quickly became a town of huge growth. Bee69 met with the Su-an people to discuss the idea of a independent republic which they also intended.

Independence of Taiwan

The constitution of Taiwan was written by MentalAren on January 6th 2019 putting forth the Constitutional Republic that Taiwan's government consists of.

The nation became independent on January 9th 2019.  With Sooshi_Burrito elected as president, KitchenersValet as lord chancellor, and the first senate consisting of Twilight843, Twomato, Keiju, MentalAren, and Bee69.

Aggressions with Tang

Hong Kong rightfully became a town in Taiwan, sparking aggresion with the Tang who believed that all mainland china towns belongs to them despite not wanting to be apart of Tang.

Japan also started aggressions against Taiwan after becoming allies with Tang.

The Second Election

The second election of Taiwan is to start on the first monday of March 2019.

All elected members of government are free to seek re-election.


On 4/15/2019, Taiwan disbanded and the towns of Taiwan joined Qin, and the nation of Taiwan was moved and renamed to Hong Kong, where it became a single town nation-state trading hub working in close cooperation with Qin.


Taiwan is a Constitutional Republic with a senate and a president which are elected by those who are citizens of Taiwan.

Notable People

Founding Members of the Republic:

  • Bee69
  • Sooshi_Burrito
  • Twomato
  • Keiju_17
  • KitchenersValet
  • MentalAren
  • FunnyJohn

Notable people:

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