Flag of Polish Tasmania
Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms of Polish Kingdom
Tasmanian Claims
National Information
Full Name Polish Tasmania
National Anthem Tasmanian Anthem
Name in Towny Tasmania
Motto "Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna"
Population 29
Chunks 347
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Capital City New Rzeszów Nowy Rzeszów
Largest City New Rzeszów
Oldest City New Wadowice (has fallen), Nowe Wadowice
Established Era613th April 2019
Government Information
Leader POGKPP (leader of Poland), RaddiPL (as leader of nation)
Prime Minister
Political System Crown Absolute monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon Capitalism (only New Kraków is socialist)
Official Language Polish flag Polish

Englishflag English

Official Religion Christianity Roman Catholicism
Danzigism Danzigism
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders jemenik
Past Capitals New Wadowice

Polish Tasmania is a colony of the Polish Kingdom with special dominium status. Located in Oceania and south of Australia, the colony has its capital as New Rzeszow. The nation was founded on 13th April 2019 by jemenik.


Tasmania adopts all political aspects from Poland, meaning it is an absolute monarchy. The King, POGKPP, has power over mainland both Poland and its overseas territories. Tasmania's colony ruler, RaddiPL, is the second-in-command of Tasmania and has absolute power over it, except matters regarding defence and foreign affairs.


April 2019

jemenik, Tasmania's first leader, joined EarthMC in April 2019 and joined Koszyce. He was about to colonise and found an empty piece of land: Tasmania. On 13th April 2019 Tasmania was founded, with its capital being New Wadowice. Later on, an alliance with Australia was made.

Late 2019

Due to jemenik's inactivity, he gave RaddiPL, his the most trusted chancellor, the status of ruler. When New Wadowice fell, he created New Rzeszów (Tasmania's current capital).


Tasmania receives protection from the Polish Kingdom in case of an attack against them. There have been few cases of citizens being in danger.

Notable people

  • jemenik, the establisher of Polish Tasmania.
  • POGKPP, leader of Polish Kingdom and the ruler of the Polish Commonwealth. He has lead Poland for almost one year.
  • RaddiPL, current ruler of Tasmania, killed two of three Moroccoian attackers which attacked to Tasmania himself.
  • JediBatman94, the oldest minister (chancellor) and Raddi's right hand.
  • Alpachino2005, one of the ministers and the Mayor of New Kraków, also the current diplomat of Tasmania.
  • Kutsal, one of the ministers of New Kraków, Alpachino2005's right hand, leader of socialst movement in Tasmania.
  • p1tu4, one of the ministers.
  • Sprite919, Mayor of Hobart, best supporter of socialst movement in Tasmania.


Polish Tasmanian's flag uses an aspect ratio of 5:8, the same as the Polish flag. It has 4 colours: yellow, purple, red, white.

  • Yellow is the traditional colour of Tasmania symbolising Wadowice.
  • Purple symbolizes Tasmania's current capital – New Rzeszów.
  • White and red symbolise the flag of Poland.

Socialist Movement

Socialist Movement of Tasmania is led by Kutsal and his supporter Sprite919. The movement's aim is basically to make Tasmania socialist. There are no fights or big protests for it. It's totally political and it will never have military conflicts.




Size (Chunks)

Date Created


New Rzeszów

10 202 8 October 2019 RaddiPL
Meeren 1 44 9 November 2019 FloSawyer
New Kraków 16 92 3 March 2020 Alpachino2005
Hobart  9 28 16 May 2020 Sprite 919
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