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Town Information
Full Name Taupo-nui-a-Tia
National Anthem none
Name in Towny Taupo
Motto Semper Contendite (Always Strive)
Established 11th February 2020
Nation Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 4.17.09 pm New Zealand
Population 19
Chunks 213
Coordinates 32290,85,7078
Continent Oceania/Zealandia
Government Information
Mayor linkeron1
Councillors Crownmint
Political System
Economic System gold ingot
Official Language English language English
Official Religion
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors Lereksc
Past Councillors

Taupo's History

Taupo is a town on the North Island of New Zealand, located in the ancient hills of where Hobbiton used to exist. It was founded on the 11th of February 2020, originally created by Lereksc with the help of Mochoimochi, lending 56 gold to Lereksc but due to complications with Coro needing a new mayor, he went back to Coro and linkeron1, saving up for a new town was offered Taupo. Ever since, linkeron1 and a rising amount of residents have built up the town and made it up to become the most populated town and the 1st biggest town (claims) in New Zealand . Nearly a month before Taupo was founded, Hobbition (the second town to be made in new Zealand) stood there but it fell for the second time on November of 2019. Taupo reached 100 chunks on the 30th of April 2020 and then reached 200 chunks on the 28th of June 2020. Taupo is the biggest town in New Zealand with 213 chunks

Things you can do in Taupo

Taupo have villagers (free to use by anyone) selling protection IV, mending, sharpness V, silk touch, efficiency V, fortune III, unbreaking III, fire aspect II, infinity, thorns III. Taupo also has a blaze xp farm (free to use by anyone) in the cobble cube at the top middle of the town. It's not as efficient as other blaze farms around earthmc cause its only got 3 spawners.

Taupo's Residents

  • linkeron1 (Mayor)
  • crownmint (Councillor)
  • aidanchris (Builder)
  • Worminator4321
  • TheLazyBassist
  • duggity
  • QueenDemon
  • sportsarethebest
  • BenGNZ
  • FungFungOMG
  • Seano_TradeMark
  • baiswi
  • ExoticMac
  • OBILderHurtige
  • SpidersMining20
  • Porbei
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