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The town of Tea Bay was founded on the 10th of December, 2018 by aTerraAustralis' sister, moo_moo_162 during the Coffee Bay Conflict. The town was jointly funded by Catnipseverbean and aTerraAustralis, funding 3 chunks worth of gold each. It joined the Kingdom of Madagascar and was the direct cause of the escalation of the Coffee Bay Conflict and the founding of Espresso Bay.

The Name

The name of the town, Tea Bay, was in response to the town of Coffee Bay, which the town is just south of to this date.

Notable Items & People


Notable buildings & places within the town include,


The Campsite is the original location and "home" of the town. It contains a communal tent, set as an in game in plot so Madagascan soldiers could set their /res spawn at the town, which was located near a hostile town. It always contains a personal tent for aTerraAustralis, a path down to the coast for fishing and a campfire near the river/bay of the town.


Notable people include,


The current mayor and a large contributor to the town's founding.


A main contributor to the town's founding an a supporter of the action taken.