Terra Mariana
TM Flag
Coat of Arms
Terramariana coat of arms
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National Information
Full Name The Kingdom of Terra Mariana
National Anthem
TerraMariana anthem
Name in Towny Terra_Mariana
Motto God bless Terra Mariana
Population 69
Chunks 2411
/n list page 3
Capital City Hiiumaa flag Hiiumaa
Largest City Hiiumaa flag Hiiumaa by population

Hiiumaa flag Hiiumaa by area

Oldest City Riga flag Riga
Established January 27, 2019
Government Information
Leader Nicosecci nicosecci
Prime Minister Eke223 eke223

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Political System Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System
Official Language Englishflag English
Official Religion Roman Catholic
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders
Past Capitals Arensburg flag Arensburg

Terra Mariana (lat. "Land of Mary") is a nation located at the Baltic sea shore, spanning from the Baltic sea to the gulf of Finland and Sweden to the north and west respectively, as well as in parts of Poland, Russia and White Russia.


Early days

The nation has been founded by TommyJ2 on January 27, 2019, by leaving the nation of Minskan Rus, with the help of some other citizens (among which the future king Egga_). Only 6 days later, on February 2, the Treaty of Arensburg has been created, which stated Terra Mariana as a protectorate of Minskan Rus.

The growth and the independence

As Minskan Rus collapsed, in the first days of April 2019, Terra Mariana claimed complete independence, closing the Treaty of Arensburg, making the nation completely free.

At half of April, the nation brought in several people, thanks to the general growth of the server. Many new towns has been created, which brought in new citizens as well.

KARL465 in Terra Mariana

KARL465 (alias "K_arl", "32Karl", "Captai_n" and " Ka9l") was arleady present on the Terra Mariana territory, with his town. This town eventually was disbanded. Then KARL465 created a new town called Hiiumaa, on April 1, part of Terra Mariana. Initially the situation was calm, but then, he was brought in many National Court cases. The most important one started on April 24, 2019, between him and mishprsu, mayor of BlackFall, a town on south of Hiiumaa, with accusations of violation of the constitution, electoral fraud, betrayal to the nation, and more. The case ended up giving reason to mishprsu, creating big tensions between Hiiumaa and Terra Mariana.

The Estonian - Latvian War

KARL465, suddenly left Terra Mariana, as a result of a poll made on the Hiiumaa Discord, joining Latvia, not long after a border agreement between the two nations. Terra Mariana took strict decisions against Hiiumaa and its mayor, without success. KARL465, despite the prohibition from both Terra Mariana and Latvia, created his own nation on April 29, called Estonia. Terra Mariana took part to the massive Estonian - Latvian War started on May 2, 2019, with 17 coutries against Estonia. KARL465 sold Estonia to Poland, ending the war after 1 day. Now Hiiumaa was part of Polish Estonia.

The nation of Polish Estonia has been disbanded manually by K_arl, which went away and bought a new nation and Hiiumaa has been given to TommyJ2.

The Uzhitz question with Greater Finland

On May 2nd, 2019, after 2 weeks of planning, nicosecci created Uzhitz. Greater Finland immediately responded to the creation of the town, by asking to join their nation, getting a negative answer from nicosecci. One day, a couple of Finnish players came to Uzhitz and griefed its surroundings. Juuzoz_, the president of Greater Finland, came to fix the damage caused by the furious citizens, and with this a diplomatic resolution started.

Greater Finland against Terra Mariana

A group of Finns created the town of Super-Alko in Terra Mariana's territory, as well as a warship next to Hiiumaa. The whole southern coast of Greater Finland has been claimed, costing houdreds of gold, in order to block connections between Uzhitz and the mainland Terra Mariana. Greater Finland and Terra Mariana were both preparing for a war.

Tampere change sides

Suddenly Tampere switched sides, joining Terra Mariana. This happened because the mayor of Tampere MM1kael and the nation's leaders had tensions on factions. The event was so unexpected, that Terra Mariana thought it was a spy, trying to avoid sharing secret plans and strategies. Some days later Tampere joined Greater Finland again, after the situation between MM1kael and Finnish leaders was resolved. Luckily, no war ever happened.

The "Worst night"

On June 2nd, 2019, the temporary mayor of Hiiumaa - TommyJ2 - was having an arguement with mishprsu, about claims bordering its town BlackFall. He wanted some plots claimed by Hiiumaa. TommyJ2 sold the town to ciao000000, an ex citizen of the town. Suddenly, BlackFall left Terra Mariana, asserting that the plots he wanted, weren't unclaimed. The situation was critical and it had to be resolved as soon as possible. After some minutes, ciao000000 put Hiiumaa for sale. nicosecci, once realized the situation, had a decision to make: leave Hiiumaa to a new mayor or to save it and keep it in Terra Mariana. The final decision was taken and nicosecci left Uzhitz's mayorship to kiwicallum, to buy Hiiumaa for 64G from ciao000000.

At first, the plans were to find a new mayor for Hiiumaa, to let nicosecci back to his town, but this never happened and Uzhitz disbanded for inactivity.

The second King

After 5 months of the nation's existance, the King TommyJ2 became less active, leaving most of the administrative tasks to Egga_. He built the St. Thomas cathedral, where on June 21st 2019 his coronation took place.

The war against Norway

At first, the war started between Kalmar Union (current Sweden) and Norway to then escalate into two sides: Pro-Norwegian Powers and the Allied Powers. Since Terra Mariana was part of the UAS, as Kalmar Union, it has been dragged into war. On September 14th 2019, Norwegian forces carried out an attack on the capital of Terra Mariana, Arensburg. Using TNT, the attackers destroyed parts of the southern wall of the city and much of the St. Thomas Cathedral's exterior. In response to the incident, Terra Mariana released a statement condemning the Norwegian attack and officially excommunicating Norway from the Church of Terra Mariana. After the excommunication of Norway attacks have stopped and Terra Mariana pulled out of the war.

Relations with Lithuania

Lithuania was a neighbouring small nation near Terra Mariana, relations did not yet exist until Lithuania started expanding. At first, relations were positive until a town near the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, named Trakai, was founded and, after leaving Lithuania, joined Terra Mariana in July 2019. Lithuania proclaimed claims on it but Terra Mariana refused to give it up, stating that towns have their own will to stay or leave. Lithuania disliked the statement and decided to cut ties with Terra Mariana. From there the relations started going downhill quickly.

The re-alliance against White Russia

Eventually, Terra Mariana and Lithuania tried to revive the lost alliance they had. Relations were going in a positive way again and at the same time the threat of White Russian expansion gave another reason to ally. But this wouldn't last due to Lithuania's rapid expansion trough the Baltic region which Terra Mariana had claimed. There still were some plans to excavate rivers and give Lithuania sea access but, despite the construction of the Krolewiec-Vilnius tunnel, things did not work out. Lithuania demanded to have Klaipeda, a town abandoned by Lithuania's leader months before and then claimed Terra Mariana, but cenelis, the town's mayor, refused to leave.

The fall of Lithuania

Lithuania then created a new town called Sventoji, placed on the west coast of Arensburg. From there on, relations plummeted and all alliance deals were cut. The two nations relations wouldn't recover and a cold war began between the Baltics. Multiple border clashes happened near the towns of Siauliai and Lion City. Town rushes occured when opposing sides tried to claim abandoned town ruins. It seemed like war was around the corner, but in April 2020, Lithuania disbanded due to internal issues and disputes.

The Third King

The question of the next heir to the Terra Marina's throne began around the end of 2019, when at the time King Egga_ had announced to the nation that after his 8th month jubilee he will abdicate and the new heir selected by him would have taken his place. In the early months it was unclear who would have been the next king. There were numerous tries of finding a heir: from a test taken by the Royal Council, to an internal election Thereafter, a vote was commenced and nicosecci won the election. On April 16th, nicosecci was coronated as the new king of Terra Mariana, at the same time, he moved the capital to Hiiumaa and amended some parts of the constitution.


Current Government

Currently, the government consists of 8 Royal Councillors, the Prime Minister, and the King. All citizens, ranging from citizen rank to the King, are by law forced to abide to the Constitution[1]. Therefore, they are a constitutional monarchy:

  • nicosecci, as the King of the Empire of Terra Mariana. (Formerly: Egga_, TommyJ2; Minister of Infrastructure, CTM, First Prime Minister);
  • eke223, as the Fourth Prime Minister (Formerly, jokingly: Minister of Tax Evasion and Spacey Stuff; Trade and Income and Progress; Minister of HSDM; Minister of Growth and Progress);
  • ondrag1, as the Minister of Defence. (Formerly: Third Prime Minister)
  • Alan_Lime, as the Minister of Defense (Formerly: Minister of Propaganda; Minister of Cartography);
  • altmancarter60, unassigned (Formerly: Minister of History and Culture; Minister of Trade);
  • emmettaaron, as the Minister of History and Culture and the Minister of the Gathering of Supplies for the Military. (Formerly: Second Prime Minister; Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Statistics);
  • jezyk_gogovp, as the Minister of Infrastructure (Formerly: Minister of Economy; Minister of Defense);
  • memeislife, as the Minister of History and Culture;
  • ooJOSHUA66oo, as the Minister of Defense;
  • Yllalen (alias, Galaxy7980), as the Minister of Infrastructure (Formerly: Supreme Pontiff)

Former Royal Councillors

In Terra Mariana's history 9 Royal Councillors left or got kicked from the government:

  • KARL465 (removed for leaving the nation: 24th April 2019)
  • NEL (Unknown IGN) (RC since 18th May 2019; removed for inactivity: 2nd June 2019)
  • LaCreepor (removed for inactivity: 2nd June 2019)
  • haamster (removed for inactivity: 18th August 2019)
  • TommyJ2 (RC since 27th September 2019; resignation: 28th April 2020)
  • Egga_ (present since the start; became King: 21st June 2019)
  • nicosecci (RC since 2nd June 2019; became King: 16th April 2020)
  • mishprsu (present since the start; removed for leaving the nation: 2nd June 2019)
  • Pickled_Cheetos (present since the start, removed for leaving the nation: 29th April 2020)


He got removed because of many aggressive behaviours, such as:

  • Releasing private information to the public,
  • Ignoring orders from the Royal Council,
  • Claiming chunks without permission,
  • Threatening
  • Treason

After the court case of the 24th April 2019 which has settled a decision after a long back and forth. He has been finally kicked from the Royal Council as he left the nation and created various other nations which also showed hatred towards Terra Mariana.


Not much is known about him. Although his role in the RC was not wildly known, he got removed for being inactive during the "Worst night".


He was in the government in the early days of Terra Mariana. He got removed from the Royal Council after his town, fell into ruins after 42 days of inactivity.


He was in the government in the early days of Terra Mariana. He got removed from the Royal Council after his town, Visby, fell for inactivity.


He was the first King of Terra Mariana. As he abdicated, on the 21st June 2019, he held no governmental postion. He was added into the Royal Council as the Minister of Trade on the 27th September 2019, to then become the Distributor of the Royal Treasury. On the 28th April 2020, he officially declared his resigning from the Royal Council.


He has been one of the founders of the nation and he has been a Royal Councillor till the 21st June 2019, when he got coronated as second King of Terra Mariana. After his abdication on the 16th April 2020, he lost all governmental powers.


He became a Royal Councillor during the "Worst night", roughly 2 months after joining the nation. He had been nominated heir of King Egga_ and had to leave the Royal Council after his coronation as third of Terra Mariana.


He was in the government for a long time - since the creation of the nation. He was the former Minister of Infrastructure, but left during the "Worst night".


He was in the government for a very long time, since the creation of the nation. He got removed from his position during the "Worst night" to then regain it back on the 26th August 2019. Additionally, he left the nation and bought Guinea and turning down the offer of becoming a colony for Terra Mariana thus losing his citizenship and position as a Royal Councillor again on the 29th April 2020.

National Emblems

Terra Mariana has some national emblems that represent the nation, such as:

Emblem Description
Terra flag
The Baltic CrossIs a simple black cross with a white backround. It has been the flag of Terra Mariana since its creation. Based off of the official coat of arms of Medieval Livonia or Old Livonia, also known by its official name, Terra Mariana.
Terramariana coat of arms
The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms is the second most used emblem of Terra Mariana, used in official documents or next to the Baltic Cross. Also used in churches or in properties of the C of TM.

The Terra Mariana Anthem

The Terra Mariana Anthem

The Anthem

Composed and written completely by TommyJ2, is used during official events, such as coronations or festivals.

Notable Sights

Terra mariana fucking embassy

A Terra Mariana embassy in Fucking

Notable sights in Terra Mariana include:


  • The three yachts near Hiiumaa's port (Historic);
  • The Casino;
  • The University and its marketplace;
  • Reconstruction of Hiiumaa's construction (Historic);
  • Haapsaluu Temple (Historic);
  • PVP Arena;
  • Eke Estate;


  • The CTM Station and the blue tower;
  • The wheat fields, windmill, Emmett's house (Historic);
  • Reval Harbour;
  • Icebridge;
  • Reval, Finnish landscape, Greater Wall;


  • HMS Belfast, a giant battleship;
  • Castle;
  • CTM Underground Station and tunnel;
  • Arc and its surroundings;
  • Wheat fields;
  • TM Volleyball;


  • Ski Resort;
  • Train Station;
  • AT-AT;


  • Outer Siauliai;
  • Mansion and Lilac Hill;
  • Hill of Crosses;
  • CTM Station;
  • Bank;


  • CTM Station;
  • Museum;


  • Nether Portal tree;
  • Grey House (Historic);


  • CTM Station (Historic);
  • Inn;
  • Castle;


  • Freedom Monument (Historic)

Those were the national structures in the History and Culture Index[2] of April 2020.


Connect TM logo

The logo of Connect TM

In the nation, almost all towns are served by the Connect TM railway and iceroad network. Reval Armed Corps (RAC) is created by eke223 which sells god gear. Elite Excavation (EE) is created by emmettaaron and sells jobs for their employees to fulfill and get money off of it.

Towns and provinces

The dominions of the nation are divided in 4 provinces:

Under the Constitution, the Inner Province comprehends the capital city and the towns at a distance of less than 400 blocks from its center. The Outer Province comprehends all the other towns part of the mainland of Terra Mariana. Each one of the colonies couts as a separate province.

Colonies are special territories with many more rights than towns from the Inner and the Outer Province, such as controlling claims, overseeing the colony and acting as a king in its own nation. Despite being a separate nation, they are part of the Kingdom of Terra Mariana and they have to obey to the Constitution.

Inner Province

7 towns are part of the Inner Province:

N. Name Mayor Citizens % Area %
I1 Sillamae flag Sillamae ooJOSHUA66oo 1 1.45% 217 9%
I2 Reval flag Reval eke223 17 24.64% 210 8.71%
I3 Hiiumaa flag Hiiumaa (capital) nicosecci 17 24.64% 341 14.14%
I4 Rakvere flag FixedMines Betelgeuse1320 2 2.9% 140 5.81%
I5 Valga flag Valga ausninja 1 1.45% 59 2.45%
I6 Riga flag Riga Duesen 1 1.45% 53 2.2%
I7 Cesis flag Cesis Galaxy7980 1 1.45% 16 0.66%

The percentages refer the data in relation to the total of the Kingdom of Terra Mariana.

Outer Province

13 towns are part of the Outer Province:

N. Name Mayor Citizens % Area %
O1 Kaunas flag Kaunas DiAndSki 1 1.45% 3 0.12%
O2 Siauliai flag Siauliai Alan_Lime 2 2.9% 196 8.13%
O3 Jelgava flag Jelgava mishprsu 2 2.9% 257 10.66%
O4 Blank Daugavpils andrush5 2 2.9% 6 0.25%
O5 Klaipeda flag Klaipeda cenelis 1 1.45% 71 2.94%
O6 Krolewiec flag Krolewiec jezyk_gogovp 3 4.35% 164 6.8%
O7 Rietavas flag Rietavas memesislife 4 5.8% 179 7.42%
O8 Blaskog flag Blaskog Coastal_Taipan 1 1.45% 46 1.91%
O9 Kronoberg flag Kronoberg IKHPKalle 1 1.45% 70 2.9%
O10 Pskow flag Pskow emmettaaron 2 2.9% 42 1.74%
O11 Lipton flag Lipton Domanee 1 1.45% 9 0.37%
O12 Astora flag Astora Ph1rk 1 1.45% 10 0.41%
O13 Blank Grodno altmancarter60 1 1.45% 63 2.61%

The percentages refer the data in relation to the total of the Kingdom of Terra Mariana.

Baltic States

The Baltic States are located in western Latvia on the coast or in the sea and were created by PolishGamerYT. 2 towns are part of the Baltic States:

N. Name Mayor Citizens % Area %
B1 Blank Sealandria PolishGamerYT 3 4.35% 31 1.29%
B2 Blank Coasteria FrancziX 1 1.45% 18 0.75%

The percentages refer the data in relation to the total of the Kingdom of Terra Mariana.

New Granada

New Granada is located in northern South America. It was bought by the Kingdom of Terra Mariana and its current king ondrag1. 3 towns are part of New Granada:

N. Name Mayor Citizens % Area %
N1 Blank Barcelona ondrag1 1 1.45% 172 7.13%
N2 Blank Cosbyville Pupihed 1 1.45% 4 0.17%
N1 Blank Stalinslav BillyThePancake 1 1.45% 34 1.41%

The percentages refer the data in relation to the total of the Kingdom of Terra Mariana.

Former colonies

Former colonies include:

Teutonic_Order was created by Mishprsu and was located in the lower island of Blackfall, or Saaremaa which disbanded due to the mayor's inactivity and is now controlled by the Finnish. Namibia is a nation originally created by emmettaaron and is located in modern day Namibia. It got sold to Russia, but changed its owner quickly in the span of a few days.

Former towns

N. Name Founding Date Falling/Leaving Date
1 Arensburg 29th December 2018 25th May 2020 (Joined Finland)
2 Farm_City 29th April 2020 28th May 2020
3 Nela 1st February 2020 23rd May 2020
4 Quezon 2nd May 2020 15th May 2020
5 Aland 1st March 2020 22nd April 2020
6 Saaremaa 10th January 2019 6th June 2020
7 St_Barthélémi 2nd June 2020 12th June 2020
8 Windhoek 19th September 2019 16th April 2020
9 Nordic_Serbia 7th February 2020 4th April 2020 (?)
10 El-Drogas-Casa 1st March 2020 17th April 2020
11 New_Lechia 18th August 2019 N/A (Joined Poland)
12 Limbazi 15th November 2019 17th-18th April (Joined back Lithuania)
13 Anpan 15th February 2020 April 19th 2020
14 Atheans 8th February 2020 ?
15 Cesis 27th January 2020 March 18th 2020
16 Lion City 24th September 2020 17th-18th April (Joined back Lithuania)
17 7Eleven 17th February 2020 ?
18 Cocacolafactory 18th October 2019 (?) ?
19 Petrozavodsk 5th February 2020 (?) 12th February 2020 (?)
20 Orowood 18th October 2019 (?) 3rd February 2020 (?)
21 Jekabpils 15th October 2019 (?) 28th December 2019 (?)
22 Crowsburg 22nd September 2019 (?) 12th November 2019 (?)
23 Trakai 10th July 2019 (?) 5th November 2019 (?)
24 Old Klaipeda 7th July 2019 (?) 8th September 2019 (?)
25 Baltic Queen 17th July 2019 (?) 31st July 2019 (?)
26 Visby 22nd May 2019 (?) 17th August 2019 (?)
27 Uzhitz 14th May 2019 3rd August 2019
28 Sodom 14th May 2019 31st July 2019
29 Walmiera 27th June 2019 (?) 31st July 2019 (?)
30 Carlsburg 24th June 2019 (?) 31st July 2019 (?)


  1. Terra Mariana Constitution
  2. History and Culture Index

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