What is it?

Terraism is a religion that believes Fix is the God of terra nova, with smaller Demi Gods that are with him at all times. After quitting or getting banned you go into one of 2 realms. The good realm is the "EarthmcClassic Realm". The bad Realm is called "The Praxis Void".

The main languages of this religion are English, Spanish, and Esperanto.

The Moto is "You Could make a religion out of this..."


As I mentioned before there are 2 realms after quitting, in total 3.

  • The Terra Nova Realm (Before Quitting)
  • The Earthmc Classic Realm (Good Ream After Quitting)
  • The Praxis Void (Bad Realm After Quitting)

The Terra Nova Realm is the one you are in right now

The Earthmc Classic Realm can be described as a beautiful lush paradise that gives nostalgia. Also you get a free N-Word pass if you get to this realm.

The Praxis Void is a abandoned underworld. Where the most toxic of toxic of toxic of toxic of players are. If you get banned you will be sent to this realm. You will get nightmares all the time as you always hear ear rape. People say the N-Word with out a N-Word Pass.


  • Fix (The holiest god of them all)
  • Creator from hell (Demi God)
  • Fox (Demi God)
  • PolkadotBlueBear
  • Syn
  • L1ng3r
  • 1212ra
  • SoyGalletita
  • All other mods and staff.


  • nateizpro
  • YellowVictini
  • Article-13

Holy Places

  • The Earthmc Classic Realm
  • The Center (Centre) of the Terra Nova Realm
  • Any Church made to honor this religion

Syn-bols ( get it, cause Syn is a Demi god, whatever...)


Symbol of


(More to come in the future)

Places in which this is a official religion

  • none
  • this section is w.i.p
  • please
  • make
  • this
  • the
  • state
  • religion
  • if
  • you
  • are
  • a
  • nation
  • leader
  • please
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