Tesoma is a small town located in the far north of Finland. It differs from most Finnish towns in that it is not a part of Greater_Finland, but a part of the Kalmar Union instead. Since joining, Tesoma has become an integral part of the Kalmar Union. It has acquired the nickname of "The Breadbasket" due to it being the largest agricultural town in the Kalmar Union. It was founded by Haikka11.


Initially, Haikka11 founded Tesoma with the intentions of joining Greater_Finland, however, things changed when he was approached by King NordicFenris. NordicFenris invited Tesoma to join Sverige, instead of Greater_Finland. Although Haikka11 initially, Haikka11 hesitated, he eventually agreed and joined Sverige on July 11, 2019. It would soon become one of the most well-respected nations in towns in the nation. Haikka11 would go on to create the Trans-Scandinavian railway, and its first connection would be Tesoma to Nya Asgard.


The Tesoman Bucket

Due to Haikka11's odd interest in buckets, the bucket has become somewhat of a symbol for the town. Case in point, the Tesoman Bucket, which is a giant model of a bucket.

The Trans-Scandinavian Railway

Haikka11 is well-known to have constructed the grand Trans-Scandinavian Railway that runs from Northern Finland to central Western Norway.

Notable Players


Haikka11 has singlehandedly maintained the town of Tesoma and is responsible for all of the building in the town, along with the Trans-Scandinavian Railway. He is also one of the most generous players in the server, doing construction work and not asking for anything in return, as well as maintaining a wheat farm that players close to starvation can use.

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