Thanos (9)


Thanosismism is a new religion on EarthMC that was created when the server started lagging and losing a lot of its players, with this it has come to only one possibility, Thanos snapped away the half the players in an attempt to reduce the server lag


Thanosists believe that Thanos is the only true God, that long ago, Thanos created the universe and all its life and planets, and once finished got rid of the power of creation and in turn, was left with the power of destruction, but to prevent accidental destruction of the universe, Thanos limited his power so that he could only use his power when he had the infinity gauntlet with all of the infinity stones, we believe that Thanos isn't exactly a protector, but more of a regulator of the universe, when something is getting out of hand, such as overpopulation, Thanos will snap away half the population, mostly the elderly and sick, so that those who are left alive can once again begin to thrive once more.

More beliefs and rules

  1. Gold is sacred, as its color resembles the material Thanos's armor and gauntlet are forged from
  2. emeralds and lapis are sacred, emeralds being the infinity stones and lapis having powerful, enchanting properties
  3. Gold armor may only be worn by priests of the Thanos church
  4. Killing animals or people without reason is immoral, killing should only be the final solution or if needed to survive.
  5. when the server lags and people are kicked, its because Thanos snapped them away in an attempt to reduce lag.
  6. a purple banner with a yellow dot in the middle represents Thanosism as well as the church of Thanos.

Thanosist towns

  • Tikal
  • Thanostown
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