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This is the 100th page of EarthMC's wiki. This page was created by bunny119 on November 25, 2018. Dear EarthMC, a lot has happen since terra nova started November 1st. The server has been going well so far, a few errors with money but that's all fixed now. I wanted to make this page to remind us of who we are. There are 99 other pages on EarthMC, containing info and history about Nations, Players, Towns, Events, and more. Weather you been playing EarthMC or 2 years or 2 days you are part of The EarthMC community. Ever person on EarthMC is important to the community and is special in their own way. For all EarthMC players keep playing on EarthMC, and make a differance in our community. Everyone has the power to do what ever they dream of on EarthMC, you can go where ever you want and make that place great! You can expand our community of players but helping others and providing a place for new players to go. Although we all might not get along all the time, we are almost like one big family that plays on EarthMC. Keep making EarthMC the server that it is. Thank you for reading- bunny119

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