The Battle of Phoneix

On July 6th, 2019, the nation of Cascadia sent three scouts, Silent_Dirt, ZaqAttackAble, and Estonian_Mapping into the territory of the Grand Canyon. Estonian_Mapping had to leave after around half an hour of searching around the area and instead provided reconnaissance via the EarthMC map. While investigating, they found a GrandCanyon resident and ambushed him, who was able to escape in time. Three GrandCanyon soldiers were dispatched to neutralize the threat. Both sides fought valiantly, but the Cascadians had to call for backup. ZaqAttackable was killed by the Grand_Canyon soldiers. However, the Cascadian scouts, using claimhiding and hit and run tactics, were able to slay a GrandCanyon troop. This caused the GrandCanyon army to organize a retreat back to the capital, while the Cascadian scouts stayed in Phoenix’s claims.

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