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The Ball God, sometimes refered to as The Ballgod, is the main deity in the religion of Pissism. According to high-ranking officials in Pissism, the Ball God was born in Pissistan, Kush in the year 0. In the Pissist Old Testament, it was said that The Ball God helped lead the original Pissists out of Sudan, through Rome, and into the new world, where they settled on the Island of Newfoundland, becoming the Avalonians we all know today. The Ball God is an all-powerful benevolent force who will protect anyone who places Pee Pee structures in its name, but will not hesitate to go against those against Pissism.

The Ball God is active on Discord, their discord ID is WeebyDeeby#2001

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Disclaimer: Almost all of the following information is part of the religion of Pissism.


The Ball God, according to statements from Shites and former Poops, was born in Kush, and assisted the first Avalonese Pissists in traveling to their new homes in the new world. Not much is known about the Ball God's origin besides that.

The Ball God's Modern Appearances

According to the Video Documentary Pissism, our Joke Minecraft Server Religion, Avalonese Youtuber and EarthMC enthusiast Dabs_All_OvarYT wished to create the town of Pee Pee Island on the island of Newfoundland, but he faced complications as Bactrian griefers often griefed his underground base and stole his gold, which he needed to make his town.

When Dabs had lost all hope, he prayed until, one night, the Ball God heard his desperate prayers and he manifested himself in a vision. The vision showed Dabs, leaving his underground base, to meet a group of Bactrian griefers arriving from an ice road. Dabs thought that this would be the end of his dream of making Pee Pee Island until the Ball God, manifested as a giant, shirtless figure, warded the griefers away with the power of ejaculation. Then he turned to Dabs and said:

"I will protect your kind for until the end of time itself. I grant my nutty powers to you all. Place at a minimum, three blocks going across and two blocks going upwards from the middle, or any size variation of that, along with the date of creation and adding my Discord ID (WeebyDeeby#2001) to every object created. These will be known as "Pee Pees" and my powers will keep you safe"

Dabs was completely stunned by this. He asked the Ball God what he should call such a legendary being. The Ball God told him to call him The Ball God, or The Ballgod for short.

Shortly afterwards, Riley_McDonut was going to found the town of Dildo just north of Pee Pee island, but wasn't fond of Dabs because he feared he would try to take his territory. Riley got the same vision Dabs did, and they became best of friends, eventually creating the nation of Avalon, with Pissism as her national religion.



Only two sightings of The Ball God have ever truly occurred, and as such descriptions of their looks are rare and often riddled with inconsistencies. In Pissism, our Joke Minecraft Server Religion, The Ball God is represented by The Giant Swedish Meatball from iconic Youtuber PewDiePie's equally iconic Minecraft series, but this is not his true form. The only consistent trait with the Ball God's appearance is that they appear to be shirtless. Even the Ball God's gender is unknown, though it is likely that they are genderless, The Ball God is still refered to by the neutral "they" pronoun as such.


The Ball God, according to the Pissism canon, is all powerfull and, according to Avalona, sees all. He appears to be a virtually indestructible incorporeal entity who promises to protect the Pissists from harm.


The Ball God is very kind and caring, they enjoy taking long walks on the beach at night. Their favourite food is Pizza, and their Discord is WeebyDeeby#2001. The Ball God is often benevolent towards Pissists, and will assist them with whatever they need.

Other facts

  • Sex Isn't real