The Battle of FlavorTown

FlavorTown - the capital of Carolina has been invaded by the Entente powers of nations: Trinidad, Brazil, Ellsworth, UTF, Manchuria, Qin, Glacial Empire, Silesia, Deutschland, Iceland and Israel against Carolina, Somerset and their allies.

The raid has began at the time of 21:48 GMT +2 when The Entente rushed against Carolina's capital city

During the first showdown.

The skirmish was intense and have counted ~30 people on the Entente side and Carolina had nearly 4 people at the start, then 8 when reinforcements had arrived Carolina's side. Carolina was reportedly succesfully eliminating people like Abdul_G4mer or ItzStitch, who died in the townhall of Carolina.

The Entente on their way to capital of Carolina

The spawn of Carolina was flooded with many soldiers, the town was somewhat griefed and got destroyed from TNT explosions, those who had greifed were not warned whatsoever, even though it was against the rules of the server. Niger, a nation within Africa had arrived to take from anyone who had died, started to attack as a neutral nation.

The Aftermath of first showdown

Carolina's forces were fighting off people in the town hall, succesfully killing leader of Deutschland - ItzStitch. The loses were calculated: 1 Diamond helmet for Carolina, and 6+ Losses of life for the Entente powers, and many more had logged off of the game to preseve their items. The Entente powers had been defeated, according to the Carolinians. Carolina had won, and since this day no more battles took place at FlavorTown. This battle had shown that Carolina and its allies were capable of fighting a larger threat.

Adaster54 was killed by the hands of JEWion, during a fair fight with Adasters right hand man fighting along side, known as Mr__Bombastic, who is belived to have "logged" during an even fight.

Not long after, a peaceful protest was carried out in New_York, Led by Death15896, 20+ people marched peacefully and unarmed into New_York, where bypassers and the peaceful protesters alike were killed by the lava flood in Times Square. After trappng many people within makeshift cobblestones, it is recorded that over 26 lives were lost that day.

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