Battle of New Liechtenstein

On 15th of December of 2019 the player Clocky_Cow, a player from Bern attempted to grief and raid the town of New Liechtenstein by building skybases. Once reinforcements from the Rhineland capital came they witnessed him fall off the skybase and die. He came back but fell off yet again. After some battling and killing him with lava in claims he had no more blocks left and was quickly killed off and never came back again.

This battle is considered a victory for the Rhineland and New Liechtenstein.

Casualties for Clocky Cow: Many deaths

Casualties for Rhineland: A few players died from fall damage but didn't lose any of their stuff, quickly getting back to the battle in a few minutes.

Second Battle of New Liechtenstein

On 16th of December a terrorist and griefer, named GameYaute74, who had griefed Frankfurt and was an enemy of the Rhineland, attacked New Liechtenstein and griefed it with likely, TNT. Reinforcements from the Rhine arrived and GameYaute74 teleported away. A moderator would arrive to clean up the damage, but also kicked and almost banned Bridge_Raider, a member of the army sent to New Liechtenstein, because he had an AFK machine in Andernach. (Please note that Bridge hadn't read the rules and didn't know that AFK machines were against the rules.)

Casualties: None/unknown

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