Marcellus Caesar, the former Caesar of the West rebelled against his Byzantine overlords.He created alts and fake DM's to sow discontent between the Byzantine higher ups. He refused compromise and also directly caused the loss of Rome. His was soundly defeated, due to his smaller numbers

Start of Conflict

Recently he rejoined the Byzantine Empire through the Knights Templar, who was a part of it. He was reluctantly 'allowed' to stay in the Knights Templar, however with much disagreement with everyone. He immediately started blatantly speaking out against the decisions of the Senate and Empress. This continued for several days until Judea claimed part of the Knights Templar's walls. He started hurling insults at the Empress Florene as weak-minded and "A shit ruler". This went on for several minutes, and before long he started talking about how he would burn Byzantium himself. He then continued to break all of the Templar's chests as he planned to go rogue.

The Battle

After these revelations _Schmitz_ set off to kill Marcellus. He was later joined by God_Of_Murloc as they chased him through the Levant coast. He was confronted outside the Templar's Castle. After 2 minutes of fierce fighting, Marcellus was killed, the final blow struck by Murloc.


Marcellus was driven out for the last time out of Byzantium. He now back to being a enemy of the state.

Map of the Chase
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