Coffee Bay is a town located on the East African Coast. It's located directly to the west of Madagascar, the nation it was part of.

On the 9th of December a Coffee Bay resident, Moshmallows murdered PoppyKai, a Madagascan Chancellor. This occured near Toerana, the captial. This prompted the kicking of Coffee Bay from the nation and sparked a conflict that would last days, and end in the capture of Coffee Bay.

The Siege of Coffee Bay

In response to the attack on Madagascar, aTerraAustralis, add___123, Catnipseverbean and Westono met at the port of Masoarivo and set sail to Coffee Bay. They planned a siege on the town. The residents of Coffee Bay were prepared for the siege of their town. They stayed within the town walls and held out.

The siege lasted an hour and a half and ended in a Coffee Bay victory as Madagascan forces soon left. Moshmallows was the only casualty, having been killed twice.

The siege led to negotiations for possible peace. The negotiations seemed to go well at first, but both sides couldn't come to an agreement. The conflict continued.

Further escalation - the formation of Tea Bay and Espresso Bay

On the 10th of December, Madagascan citizens feared an incoming invasion by Coffee Bay, having seen MMSaturn, a Coffee Bay resident, land on the western coast of the island. This resulted in add___123 sailing over to Coffee Bay to attack, killing xGreenApplez as a result.

After the death of xGreenApplez, Destined2bGreat bunt the flag of Madagascar.

Further negotiations were had between both sides and yet again nothing could be decided. Tea Bay, a camp site for military operations was jointly set up by Catnipseverbean and aTerraAustralis, just south of Coffee Bay. TypicalNevis set up Espresso Bay south of Masoarivo on Madagascar in response. Madagascan forces were now based in Tea Bay, making attacks on Coffee Bay much easier.

From Treaty to Takeover

Madagascan leader aTerraAustralis put forward a possible treaty between both parties to end hostilities but was soon rejected by Coffee Bay leadership. Espresso Bay was expanded by several plots and further conflict broke out.

On the 12th of December one final negotiation between Destined2bGreat and aTerraAustralis, this time with the possibility of Madagascar buying out Coffee Bay and Espresso Bay being the topic. Madagascar rejected the offer they made and the entire negotiation was dropped.

Destined2bGreat began to offer the towns for free to anyone in the world. Adaster54, from Cape Verde, recieved the town of Coffee Bay for free. He then offered to sell it to Madagascar for 55G without Coffee Bay knowing. Coffee Bay was now Madagascan.


Coffee Bay's residents left Africa completely and settled a new town in India. The town of Coffee Bay was now under Madagascar's rule, with CloakedEagle as mayor.

Madagascar was now at peace. Ex Coffee Bay residents now have a nation in america and are allied with Madagascar.

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