The DJM Syndrome, Or DJMinor Syndrome. Is a term in which a town is funded in a nation to get big but then is kicked out of the nation because of Toxicity.

The DJM Syndrome: Type 1

DJ: Part 1

The DJM (DJMinor) Syndrome: Type 1 has happened 3 recorded times. 2 of which involving Canada. The First time was a town called Yaletown created by DJMinorMC. The town of Kingston with the mayor Brendon1903 funded Yaletown to make it grow. DJMinorMC would start to show his toxicity more leading to him being kicked out of Canada. This left a huge hole in the Canadian Map, and a very big town that would join different Nations.

DJ: Part 2

DJMinor would give Yaletown to people who seemed to be active but would go innactive and let the town fall the day they got it. Yaletown would rejoin Canada and DJMinor was given a second chance. DJMinor would then hold the town of Gagetown for a player named CallMeConman. DJMinor would expand the town greatly, people thought he learned from his mistakes but he would be kicked from Canada for his toxicity again.

Tito: Part 1/1

Tito was a mayor that lead the town of Catalonia in Spain. He would be funded to claim all of Catalonia just like the previous owner of Catalonia, GUI66. He would be funded to claim all of Catalonia. Once he claimed all of Catalonia he started attacking Canadian towns and shown a lot of toxicity and was kicked from Spain. This would not last tho because he would be let back into Spain.


The term DJM Syndrome was coined by LoganCreeper50 after the first three times.

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