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General Swooooop

Governor JoeDieKrabbe

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Lord LightUk

Iceland and Norway:

King twigking19

Start of the war

The war started when Icelandic troops attacked and killed Governor JoeDieKrabbe of Torshavn after he created a town on the Faroes, which at the time was claimed by Iceland, and joined Britain. At the news the Governor of Torshavn had been killed by Iceland, King MineHero43 ordered an attack on the Icelandic town of Faroe.

First Battle of Torshavn

From all across the British isles, troops set off towards the Faroe islands. As they approached, the Governor of Torshavn turned PvP on in the town, and rushed to greet them at the docks. The troops scaled the cliff face, soon reaching the top, and charging at the Icelandic army. Arrows flew through the air as Iceland was pushed back. At this moment, Norway joined the war, having been at war with Britain for days. The British army split into two groups, one stayed at Torshavn, waiting for the Norwegian forces, the other pursued the Icelandic army.

Evacuation from the western side

The Icelandic troops retreated to the northern side of the island. Here they were reinforced by troops from the Icelandic mainland, who cut of the small pursuing British task force from the South. Guineapigplays' men were forced towards the western side of the island. Here, they escaped by boat, and were just about to return to Torshavn, when they sighted the Norwegians.

Battle of the Faroe-Shetland Channel

The British Military met the Norwegians in the Faroe-Shetland Channel. The Royal Navy boats dodged between the Norwegian boats, picking off a few. The Norwegian boats continued towards the Faroes, firing arrows at the British. One of the Royal Navy boats attacked the lead Norwegian boat. The Norwegians chased the British south, to Torshavn, and the waiting British forces.

Second Battle of Torshavn

The British and Norwegians fought in the docks for several hours, with the Icelandic army arriving half an hour into the battle. Eventually, the Norwegians retreated and fighting ceased for the night.

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