It all started when the Roman empire, lead by Zqppy, refused to kick Perpignan (now known as Emporiae). Zqppy then decided to send people to make towns in Spanish territory. They also invited Portugal to the GRE promising them Spanish lands, however, Portugal said no and informed Spain about it. Spain did not accept what Zqppy did and got France on their side. France joined because the Roman empire has stolen Lyon from them. On May 27, 2019, the ultimatum was written by Pengun with the help of 32Gold, Trajan (French emperor), and some more important Frenchmen.

Reason list

Roman empire scammed France, 500 gold lost

Roman empire killed an AFK Spaniard

Roman empire planted towns in Spain

Roman empire promised Portugal Spanish lands if they'd join the GRE


Zqppy decided to quit EMC for some reason and gave the nation to Julius Castor. Pengun immediately went to talk to him and he gladly kicked the Spanish towns. A big war was prevented

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