The Great Crate Riots

The Great Crate Riots of 12/28/19 took place at around 11:35 PM EST on Saturday.

This riot all started because of the players not receiving the "Bruh Moment" voting crates that you're supposed to get once we reach the next 5,000 votes. When the players were supposed to receive their crates it was substituted with 12 Iron Ingots. This made the server very upset and the game chat and discord chat broke out into spams of "Scam", "Riot", and "12/28 Never forget". Mid-way through the Riots, people were starting to group up at various places on the map, the biggest of which were located in Chicago and New York, which had the mod "Highlander214" at New York's Spawn, the players there were jumping around and hitting everything they could. Highlander wanted the players to calm down, which the chat reacted by yelling phrases like "Stupid mod" or "Shut up". At around 11:55 PM EST, the chat started to calm down.

"12/28, Never Forget"

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