The Great Lawrence War is a war between 2/3 towns. The reasoning for this war is because of the town of CumberlandCounty stole a turtle from Winslow, so Winslow led an assault on the town to retake the turtle.


Siege of Cumberland County

Winslow troops arrived at the town of Cumberland County, they stood at the town border and looked from outside. The Winslow troop had Diamond gear with a diamond sword. The 2 Cumberland citizens would get Iron gear on with a diamond sword, and a shield. The Winslow troop would kill them. He would remain there until the Cumberland citizens would log off.

Robbery of Cumberland

The Mayor of Winslow would set another person as mayor of his town and since CumberlandCounty was an open town he joined it. He would steal items in the town but there was nothing of value. During his robbery, a citizen of CumberlandCounty would join the game and LoganCreeper50 would leave the town and return to Winslow.

Occupation of Prince Edward Island

Logancreeper50 (Winslow) and DDime (Sea Berlin) would land on Prince Edward Island, a citizen would try to come onto the island of PEI but they would not let him. They then built a fort named Fort Isabella named after Pope Isabella of Llamaism. The Cumberland citizens would log off and the Winslow and SEa Berlin troops would later leave.

Peace Talks

The Dictator of the USA, TypicalFernie, would make a ticket in the Wabanaki discord about there citizens being attacked by LoganCreeper50. The Hoyneah of Wabanaki said that he would talk to him. MylesRatliff, the Hoyenah of Wabanaki, would make a group DM with Himself, LoganCreeper50, Aceshooter11 (leader of CumberlandCounty), and GreyP (citizen of CumberlandCounty). LoganCreeper50 would add the player of DDime to the ticket so Aceshooter11 added wolfgang (another citizen of CumberlandCounty).

Treaty of GreyP

The Treat of GreyP

  • The town of Winslow will get an embassy in CumberlandCounty
  • The embassy will follow the rules that the mayor sets for the plot
  • Winslow will give them 24 gold and 2 iron armor sets and their iron swords back.
  • CumberlandCounty would not claim onto PEI.
  • Winslow and CumberlandCounty would sign a non-agression pact.
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