The Greater Reich was formed on the 8th of September, 2019 by the leaders yaznayu and ArabJew18.

Purpose, Ideology and Common Theme

The Greater Reich is formed by several countries with common goals. The original nations in the alliance wish to expand geographically, military wise and economically.


Many of the leaders came from the Holy Pact Alliance.


Each nation in the alliance has it's own government since the alliance does not interfere with the political system in it's nations. Each nation leader holds the same amount of power in the alliance and can give their trusted residents permission to vote when the alliance is running a vote.


Not much is known about the military of the Greater Reich. However it is known that it is made of the armies of all the nations in the alliance, making it a large force.

Buildings and Monuments

(work in progress) Buildings associated with this alliance, for example, headquarters and monuments. Alliances can use buildings from any member nation, town, or any "territory" it owns.

Member Nations

This is a list of the member nations and their geographical area.

Nation Geographic


Date Joined Date Left
Somerset North America 8-Sep-19
North Korea Asia 8-Sep-19
Egypt Africa 9-Sep-19
Bosnia Europe 8-Sep-19
Algeria Europe 9-Sep-19
Khanate of Sibir Europe 9-Sep-19
East Micronesia Oceania 9-Sep-19 17-Sep-19
HulaHula Oceania 9-Sep-19
Virginia North America 17-Sep-19

Member Towns

This is a list of the un-allied towns and their geographical area.

Town Geographic






Concordia 12-Sep-19

Notable People

Discord Name Player Name Nation Notes Dates
Catholica yaznayu Somerset SS Oberst Gruppenführer

temp banned till Sep 12

tumidog400 ArabJew18 Bosnia SS Oberst Gruppenführer 8-Sep-2019
Ra2or RazorLeaf Somerset 8-Sep-2019
eggzontoast eggzontoast North Korea 8-Sep-2019
SlyPrince dukasv Khanate of Sibir


UnbatedAura UnbatedAura Deseret 8-Sep-2019
IanSpace71 IanSpace71 East Micronesia Kicked for trying to trap allies 9-Sep-2019
Algeria 9-Sep-2019
Egypt 9-Sep-2019
skylimits ciel0beats HulaHula 9-Sep-2019
Virginia 17-Sep-2019

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  • Economics (This may be made required depending on its role in terra nova)
  • Diplomacy (highly, highly, highly recommended)
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