The House of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern:

The House of Grosvenor Hohenzollern is the Ducal house of Westminster which consists of the Duke of Westminster, The Count of Flintshire,The Imperial Family Of Germany, The Governor of South Africa and The Royal Family of Italy. It was the first ever noble house to be founded in any nation on Terra Nova.

- The House of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern is also a cadet-branch house of the House of Hohenzollern, (The Current Imperial Family of Prussia).

Family Motto:

Virtus Non Stemma

Family Legacy:



The House of Hohenzollern was founded in the German town of Hohenzollern in what now is Prussia by WilhelmI of Hohenzollern, the first count of Hohenzollern. The house is the Prussian Empire AKA (Kaiserreich). The House of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern therefore holds Imperial titles within The German Empire.

In the mid-early stages of Terra-Nova WilhelmI settled in London and built a house there,( it is still visible there and is the very first house there). When Wilhelm was done gaining resources and had what he needed he traveled to what was known as Germany now Kaiserreich and settled there, making the town of '' Hohenzollern ''. Wilhelm was an ambassador of old Prussia now Kaiserreich and soon made good friends with the first Duke of Westminster George_Grosvenor and bonded households, founding the House of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern. Later, another British noble house joined, The House of Hanover of Flintshire.

The House of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern is considered the grandest and prestigeful noble household in Europe with its amazingly large possessions of land and prestigeful residences and wide family legacy. The House Of Grosvenor-Hohenzollern is furthermore known as the most cultural dominant family of the Centuries of Terra Nova, having its roots back to The Byzantine Empire. The House is as-well well-known for its world-class architectural treasures and architectural talented and artful members of the Family.

. Members:

George_Grosvenor - Duke Of Westminster, Lord of Prussia, Viscount of Yorktown

General Guineapigplays - Count of Flintshire, Lord of Prussia, Governor of Calcutta

Erwinning - King of Italy, Lord Londonderry, Lord of Westminster,

WilhelmI - Emperor of All Germany, Kaiser of Deutschland, Lord of Westminster


Lord Grosvenor-Hohenzollern

Lady Grosvenor-Hohenzollern

Lord Grosvenor

Lady Grosvenor

Lord Flintshire

Lady Flintshire

Lord Hohenzollern

Lady Hohenzollern

Count of Flintshire

Countess of Flintshire

Count of Hohenzollern

Countess of Hohenzollern

Lord Londonderry

Lady Londonderry

Duke of Westminster

Duchess of Westminster

King of Italy

Queen of Italy

Princess of Italy

Prince of Italy

Emperor of Germany

King of Prussia

Queen of Prussia

Prince of Prussia

Princess of Prussia

Prince of Germany

Princess of Germany

Empress of Germany

Lord of Imperial Prussia

Lady of Imperial Prussia

Lord of Dublin

Lady of Dublin

Governor of South Africa

Mayor of Pretoria


Westminster, London

Flintshire, Wales

Berlin, Imperial Germany (Kaiserreich)

Pretoria, South Africa

Rome, Italy


Westminster House, London


Land possession:

(Not counted yet) Chunks

- Kaiserreich

- Britain



Duke of Westminster
Portrait of Guineapigplays, by the Duke of Westminster
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