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The Iberian War (Spanish: La Guerra Ibérica; Portuguese: A Guerra Ibérica) was a military conflict between Spain and Portugal. It started when a small town in Galicia joined Portugal, with Portugal refusing to remove it. Spain declared war on the 6th of November, 2019. The conflict officially ended on January 16th after Portugal agreed to join Spain as a province.

Background and development

Spain and Portugal were both in a defensive alliance called the Iberian Pact to protect Iberia from future enemy threats. The friendship between the 2 countries grew to the point where Portugal decided to support Spain and the Triumvirate during the Second Great War.

Everything seemed fine until a Portuguese citizen decided to make a town in southern Galicia, a Spanish region. This town was past the border between Portugal and Spain. At first, the town joined Spain, but on the 3rd of November, he decided to leave and join Portugal. Spain did not tolerate this as Portugal was now holding lands in Galicia, breaking their previously agreed on border treaty.

Border conflict-0.png

Portugal refused to remove the town and proposed a new rectangular border, which was declined by Spain. In response to the Portuguese town, Spain planted a town in the middle of Portugal. That day ended up with a small battle between the 2 nations at the Spanish planted town, with a Spanish victory. 2 days later Spain sent a final ultimatum demanding the Portuguese to withdraw and restore its former border with Spain. Portugal put out a referendum to its citizens and most of them voted to stay 'strong and not give up'. Spain saw this and officially declared war on Portugal on November 6th, 2019.

The war between Portugal and Spain

After the Spanish declaration of war, the Portuguese chancellor lanorro got banned for fly hacking. The German Empire and the Regional Powers, already enemies of Spain, announced their support for Portugal in the war, but Portugal only received some support from the Regional Powers. Throughout the war many battles were fought across the peninsula, one of the first ones being the Battle of Abrantes. Portugal recruited a lot of players which then were given 64 gold to plant a town in Spain and join Portugal. Some of these players were Portuguese alts. There were also many spy accounts in each others Discord servers to get information.

The banning of Portugal

Due to Portugal planting more and more 1 chunk towns around Spain, the war started to get in their favour. However, expert (the Portuguese leader) sent an IP grabber link to 32Pengun's spy account in the Portuguese discord, giving him, r0das, lanorro and MrMan2005 his IP. 32Pengun reported this to the mods, and the 3 of them got permanently banned with their appealing attempts getting denied.

Portuguese decline

Since then, the 1 chunk towns planted around Spain from Portugal slowly started falling to the point where they all fell and the war turned to the defensive position against them. Popular opinions about Portugal also went down as it was declared a rebel nation in the anti-rebel pact of Britain, France, Spain, and the GRE. The Portuguese king has since then sued for peace demanding the original borders to be restored.

The war aftermath

After the fall of Coimbra on the 18th of August, 2020, and with almost all of Portugal's territory now ocupped by Spain, the victory of Spain was certain, even without proper recognition of the now king of Portugal VegetaPT.

On the 16th January 2021, Portugal joined Spain as a province, ending the conflict.