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The Kiruna Treaty is a border treaty made by Finland and Sweden to resolve tense border dispute between the two nations. The treaty was created and signed in Nya Asgard, Sweden on the 30th of March, 2020.

Present during the discussions of a border agreement was:

ENLS, JustADonutHere and _CrA6914 representing Sweden

Riftal, Noveritsch and Linux representing Finland.

During deliberations, the statuses of Stockholm and Trump City were brought up frequently due to their significance to both Sweden and Finland, as Stockholm was a puppet state of Finland and Trump City being ruled by the former king of Sweden, NordicFenris. In the end however, Stockholm was excluded from further deliberating and was not to be included in The Kiruna Treaty.

Terms of the Border Treaty:

  • A new, permanent border will be established to split the lands into their respective spheres of influences.
  • Towns found on the opposing sectors of the treaty will be handed over to the other party.
  • Stockholm will be a sovereign nation under the administration of Linus.
  • Tensions between both nations should be alleviated and shall peace reign upon the lands of Northern Europe.

Cities which Fall under the Opposite Party’s Sphere of Influence:

Finnish Cities Swedish Cities
Vehnätila Trump City
Gotska Sandön Kiruna (disbanded)
Betrionia (left Finland) Ragnar
Sundsvall (joined Sweden) Storlandet Isl.
Boogali (disbanded)

Fate of the Treaty:

Finland has negated the effects of the treaty on the 26th of May 2020, citing reasons of durations of inactivity in Sweden, and has proposed for a new, unratified border, to stretch into the Sweden proper after a national vote.

Swedish reactions were largely negative, with some mentioning that the treaty would not hold owing to Riftal’s previous attempts in violating treaties.

Early sketch of potential borders.

First draft of Finnish borders.