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The Northern Lights Alliance is a Scandinavian Alliance.



Shortly after the foundation of Svalbard in late November of 2019, Sweden pushed for strong diplomatic and economic ties with the new nation. An ice line was completed connecting Nya Asgard and Longyearbyen, which served as the foundation for the modern NLA.


The Northern Lights Alliance as it is known today was founded in late December of 2019. Due to the expanding Kingdom of Norway, Sweden founded the Greater Kalmar Union on the 30th of that month, and allowed the former prime minister, Riftal to found Finland as a vassal state. Shortly after this, Godthab was admitted to the NLA, and, like Svalbard, has gained infrastructure connecting it to the rest of the region. Also in December of 2019, the nation of Arctic_Realm decided to get associate status, but the king of this nation quit later that month.


The NLA has gained three new member states in 2020, Solør, Finnmark, and Finland, of which Finnmark and Finland are young, and Solor is old. The alliance has continued to drift closer together, and was planned to unify Scandinavia.


The NLA failed to achieve its goals due to one of its founding members, Svalbard, going inactive. The disolution formalized on May 7, 2020, after it became known that Nordaustlandet had seceded. A later diplomatic incident between Svalbard, Sweden, and Finland led to the three nation’s relations becoming strained, leading to any sense of the former alliance being destroyed.

Member Nations


If you want to get membership, you have to be a nation in the Scandinavian area. You can also get Associate Status. if you're not within the region.