The Raktown War (Factions)



A small faction known as Raktown held a base on western Greenland, not much is known about Raktown, but they had 2 citizens, Polish Citizens under the leadership of maszno_nii.


Viridia was a powerhouse in the Bay of St. Lawrence, having 4 main colonies in the bay, the entrance in the St. Lawrence river was under Viridian control. They had 17 members under the leadership of Emperor Cheterer

The Great Viridian Bombing

Raktown Involvement

Raktown had growing tensions with Viridia, they were selling products from the nether for prices that were believed to be far too high (even a stack of gold). Viridia responded by warning them to simply stop being so annoying. In response, maszno_nii and his counterpart (Unknown Username) bombed the city of St. George and the North port, they are also responsible for the great cobble "getaway tower" that still stands in Old Viridia.

Viridian Response

Viridia was obviously furious about the attack. Emperor Cheterer officially declared war on Raktown, thus beginning the Raktown War. No attack would happen until later then.

Operation: Joe Crafton

Viridian Plan and Execution

Viridia planned and successfully executed Operation: Joe Crafton. A full scale land invasion of Raktown. With assistance from ally and TNT Producer AncientBandit, the Viridians sailed to Raktown, destroying the (now fortified) walls and igloo, looting them of nearly all items. Outside the wall, the phrase "Raktown Bad" was spammed everywhere. This phrase was a rallying cry of the Allies and people of Viridia.

Raktown Response

To this day, Raktown has not been online ever since. They have not issued a formal surrender or anything, yet Viridia officially concluded the war days later due to Raktown inactivity. Nothing is known about the whereabouts of Maszno_nii.

Images From The Invasion

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