The Tilted Powers

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Nazi Germany: _Slaid, 32Gold

Austria Hungary: Kaiser Rulerultamisjr

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Australia: PM OfficialOnion

Qin: Princess Cloudy102

Minskan Rus: Dethlogik

French Alligned

France: Vwon

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Portugal/Ibiza: BustedPickle

Spain/Flanders-Wallone: NigelFarage666

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Beginning, and Initial Fight

_Slaid's Box

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_Slaid's Box was a box created during the fight, and was the only structure made during the battle that lasted the entire siege. Slaid's box is a square structure made up of obsidian, wood, cobble, and other resources that were on the people raiding when it was made

During the battle, many people were killed within this box, usually by falling into it and getting ganged up on by Tilted Power members. During much of the battle, Slaid or 32Gold were using it to seek refuge within

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