Britain: Duke Angloist (Redcoats) and General Guineapigplays (British Paratroopers)

IRA: Unknown


Angloist, Duke of Dublin, starts a staged revolution to flush out IRA members. IRA troops take the southern part of the city. British Paratroopers have their first deployment, they take Dublin Castle. IRA swordsmen siege the castle. One swordsman goes into the castle, the other stays outside. An IRA soldier kills General Guineapigplays.

Duke Angloist kills the IRA outside, before rushing in and helping Paratrooper CosmicPanther15 kill the one inside. More IRA troops push up to the north of Dublin, only to get killed by loyalists and Redcoats. The IRA regroup in Dublin railway station. Loyalists led by Duke Angloist kill the IRA soldiers. Realising that HM King MineHero43 I was online, one IRA soldier charged into Westminster. The soldier was led into the Wilderness by Duke Angloist, where he was killed by General Guineapigplays and some Paratroopers. The remaining IRA troops retreated, to Dublin Quarry, where they either left Dublin or logged off.

The IRA was disbanded, marking the end of one of the shortest battles in EarthMC history.

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