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The Vatican City== The Vatican City is a small town in the Papal States, and is home to the Pope.


The Vatican has been part of many Nations since its founding in December 2018

Early History

The Vatican was originally founded in December of 2018 as an independent town, however shortly after its creation it became a member of the Holy Roman Empire.

Post-HRE History.

Eventually the Holy Roman Empire was stolen by heat and the Vatican became part of the Papal States (new name of the HRE after Heat stole it). There were plans to sell the Papacy to Italy or Burgundy, howver this is no longer the case.

The mountains around the Vatican were flattened so building is easier.

There are plans currently to build the Sistine chapel.


For a small town, the Vatican City very controversial. Not everyone is in support of the Pope, notabily some Byzantines, who follow Greek orthodoxy. The Vatican is in the HRE,and so the opinion of the pope could be formed by the opinion on the HRE.


The flag of the Vatican City

Notable People

There is only one player in the Vatican City, being the pope. Cool

  • Bluebox202


No exports, other than dirt and cobblestone. There is a small chicken farm in the vatican.

The vatican economy relies heavily on imports.

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