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The War of the Valdes Peninsula was a war fought primarily between the nation of Argentina and La Plata over territorial tensions. It started on January 18, 2019 and ended on January 23, 2019 in the capital of nation Argentina, which is called Nuovo Palermo, located in South America, specifically, in Valdes Peninsula.

Motivations and Events leading up to the War


  • ishallownyou creates Nuovo_Palermo
  • Nuovo_Palermo is invited to La_Plata, being said that "if you don't join us, there will not be good consequences"
  • ishallownyou refuses, and creates Argentina

La Plata's POV

  • Foundation of Nuovo Palermo
  • Nuovo Palermo mayor killed La Plata's turtles for fun
  • Reactionz insulted La Plata
  • Foundation of Argentina, which threatens La_Plata's soverignity

Argentina's POV

{ishallownyou, you are free of putting anything here}

Origin of the battle and the battle

Around January 15th, four english speaking users (from the USA with Italian ancenstry) established a town with no previous authorization in Valdes Peninsula area which is in La Plata nation's territory.

La Plata chancellors first invited Nuovo Palermo to join them, but they didn't agree.

Chancellors felt very offended after a Nuovo Palermo citizen (Reactionz) sent some things on which he was wrong in a discord message and that was mainly the reason for starting the battle.

However, there was just a few damage made to Nuovo Palermo citizens and one of them died. Then, La Plata citizens left the peninsula for if something bad could happen.


​​​​​​19 January 2019

New ways to access Nuovo Palermo were made and one Nuovo Palermo citizen died.

​​​​​​21 January 2019
Claromeco Tunnel

The Claromecó tunnel
The Claromecó Tunnel was a secret tunnel used by La Platan citizens during the war to go to Valdes without being seen in the dynmap.

On the 4th day of the conflict, La Plata citizens explored the Nuovo Palermo area (for planning a way to attack the enemies) and three of them got attacked by enemy town's chancellor, ishallownyou, tunnels made for the battle were discovered by Nuovo Palermans.

Later that day, La Plata governors discovered that Nuovo Palermo had +320 gold on the bank, probably having this purpose: making a nation.

22 January 2019

On the 5th day of the conflict, Nuovo Palermo's chancellor, ishallownyou, founded the nation Argentina. Things are getting worse everyday.

23 January 2019
La Plata's Army

Battle Preparations
La Plata gathering their army in Buenos Aires

On the 6th day, La Plata prepared an attack for Nuovo Palermo with 10 soldiers at 9:30 UTC time, also founded a special town (Puerto_Madryn) as a base to host the attack. The enemies didn't appear, so after an hour of waiting, La Plata left the territory.

One hour later, two Nuovo Palermo citizens joined the server, La Plata, slowly, started sending its people to attack. When La Plata gathered five soldiers plus two brazilians (Heinz88 and Lucastorni), the battle converted into a war: 32Slaid, Cloudy102, OfficialONION, CuttleFishNZ, Proda, Magenent, and many other users, joined the conflict helping Argentina nation.

La Plata was lost. After 3 hours of combat, the number of deaths surpassed 30 (mainly from one unarmed citizen repeatedly doing suicide attacks), one Nuovo Palermo citizen was warned for griefing (_GeneralMoo) and fastly, SoyGalletita's nation gave up, because of there being too much lag, lack of potions and armor, and most importantly: lack of people to help.

30 minutes after giving up, La Plata declared they were ending the battle to prevent any more losses. Argentina won the battle.